March 29, 2013

Nap Refusal

Sienna is currently in her crib refusing nap number two. This is the second day of this straight up refusal. Before this it has just been shorter naps. I've been dreading this transition from two naps to one. I for real get everything done during nap one. I shower, I do dishes, I do laundry. Yikes! I'm not ready. To be fair, she's not screaming. Nope. It's not that she hates the crib. She doesn't mind it. But instead of sleeping, here are the things she's been doing:

  • Holding her duck lovie over her head YELLING "quack quack!"
  • Seeing if she can get her legs through the slats in the crib at different angles.
  • Showing her belly button (to no one).
  • Praciticing saying Mama (I choose to interpret this as practicing instead of calling me to come get her over and over. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here).
  • Standing up, placing blanket over her head, crashing down, laughing. Repeat.
  • Baby yoga: Hands and feet on mattress, butt straight up in air.
  • Throwing lovies out of crib.
  • Attempting to take her pants off.
  • Chewing on her toes.
  • Hanging from her crib bars feet up monkey style (which ALMOST made me just jump up and run to get her because it LOOKED like she was climbing out fo the crib; she wasn't though).
Well at least she's semi quiet? Sigh. How old were your babies when they went from two naps to one? Is this in my near future? Please tell me no because I won't ever look presentable again without my free hour from morning nap time.

Refusing Naps in Delaware


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