September 2, 2013

Summer's End....

I have a love/hate relationship with seasons changing. One part of me holds on, gripping with all my strength to the summer nights when the sun fades after eight o clock, the drink of choice is a nice cold glass of sauvignon blanc, and the beach is our second home. The other part has one foot into the door of fall already; I'm longing for slouchy boots and oversized sweaters and a pumpkin latte. I can vividly remember the sensations in every part of my body on the eve before the first day of school when I was younger. I always wanted just one more swim in my parents pool, one more bike ride to see the girls who are still the people who know me best, and then as a teenager one more epic evening of sunset to sunrise times with my friends before the academic year began. As a kid, there is none of the yearning for cooler weather and hot fall fashions. There's only in that moment. What a beautiful part of life- not always looking for what's next but just being-- and being happy.
Lucky for me, Sienna reminds me every day to slow down, to enjoy the little moments. This weekend we started our mornings slow with coffee and pajamas for awhile longer than usual, soaked in some warm sunshine, played at the park, swam at the pool, went to dinner as a little family at a fav pizza place, J squeezed in some work outs for his upcoming triathlon, we went to a BBQ in Yardley, and then trekked down to hang with Matt, Sam, and Stella today for our last BBQ of the summer (Matt is officially Sienna's favorite person and we hear about him all day long after we visit). What a weekend full of love to bring this season to a close!

So long, sweet summer.                    
I stumbled upon you and
gratefully basked in your rays
So long sweet summer
I fell into you now you're
gracefully falling away ...


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