February 9, 2015

The things I love about you: Volume I: Sienna

(Almost) three year olds can be hard at times. But lately, I've been making a concerted effort day in and day out to focus on the positives of my kids. I feel fortunate they are mostly healthy, sweet, happy girls. Why do we so often focus on the negatives of our kids? I am guilty of it- I am tired when one doesn't sleep, frustrated with tantrums. But I want to celebrate them too. I want them to know what gems of people they are. I want them to know I see the best in them, even on the hardest days.

So here we go. This list is dedicated to you, Sienna.
In two weeks you will be THREE (!!!) years old. And here's what I love about you.

1. Your cheesy cheesy smile.
2. Your sweet singing voice (current favorite song you sing: "Everyone gets hurt sometimes... from, Doc McStuffins)
3. You are daringly adventurous. Jumping off of couches and into snow.
4. Your blue eyes that get so wide if someone else is upset. You can't teach empathy. But you've got it, baby girl. You care so much and it's written all over your face.
5.  The way you hug- with your whole body and your whole heart.
6. The way you ask "May I" when you want to do something- but also misuse the phrase and say "May you" also.
7. Your excitement that becomes palpable and infectious. You shake your arms in the air and jump up and down and squeal and you get so excited that you can barely get your words out.
8. Your love for pajamas. It makes me laugh. All day every day, you'd wear them if you could.
9. The sponge that is your brain. Curious is a vast understatement for someone like you. You are a fierce learner- you want to know everything. You ask so many questions a day and then the next day you surprise me with your knowledge. My current favorite thing you learned is that recycling is "to take trash and make something brand new and useful".
10. How adorable you are when you convince me to let you sleep on the couch for a nap- and then cuddle up under a blanket 10x the size of you.
11. Your ability to make everyone around you smile and engage people. We could be at Starbucks and you are asking the man in front of us what coffee he is drinking, or where his kids are (awkward at times), or introducing yourself to a new friend at the park.
12. That when we ask what your name is you say "Sienna Grace Walls" and call daddy "JAMIE WALLS!" when he doesn't answer you the first time.
13. Your creativity. It blows my mind that at not even three you can pretend you're on a boat to Disney world or a space ship, or that there are crocodiles chasing us in a river. It's dreamy to have a kid whose imagination runs as wild as mine.
14. Your hair. It just - I cannot stop laughing at it. It's beautifully wild and thick and all over the place. We can't get control of it- sort of perfect for you. 
15. The way you love your baby sister. The way you run to get her after naps and tell her it's okay when she cries. It makes me tear up thinking about it. You're SUCH a good big sister.
16. The way we are connected at the heart- you are truly my mini me. You feel as strongly as I feel. You smile as big as I smile. You cry as hard as I cry. Sensitive by nature, you let life happen and take it all in.
17. You've become my shopping buddy. Shoes? Yes. Clothes? YES! Toys- of course. You willingly scramble to get on your shoes and jacket, request a starbucks stop (sure kiddo), and say "Let's go to the circle store!" Target is our fav place to spend money together.
18. Your love of books. Stories will take you everywhere.
19. The way you light up when I mention birthdays- because they involve cake. And that you insist on making a cakes for every.single.birthday there is!
20. You are kind. You are so so kind. You ask daddy if he would like a sticker too. You hold my hand. You ask what's wrong if I'm looking tired or sad. You make get well cards for neighbors who aren't well without being prompted.
21. Your honesty. The words "Mommy you look awful" or "Today Piper peed on her changing table when you at work mommy" are so much more hilarious from a toddler. I love it. Keep me updated, kiddo.
22. The way you love your daddy. You fly into his arms after work, and you my girl, prove to me over and over again I married the right guy.
23. Your laugh that makes you almost topple over.
24. Your love of "crafts". You + Me + AC Moore forever. I think one day I'll teach you to scrapbook.
25. Your personality emerges more and more every day. I love you because you make me a better mom, a better person, and you bring me back down to earth when I'm getting wound up about silly things. Something about your sweetness and innocence reminds me everything will be okay.




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