March 13, 2012

whirlwind weeks

Sienna is over 3 weeks old now... and we are all still figuring each other out! It is a lot of just trying new things each day and seeing how she does!

I've learned that I can live on about 3-4 hours of sleep per day and still function. I've learned that some days skipping a shower is worth avoiding the screaming tears from the little one. I've learned that I can eat lunch one handed- and left handed. I've learned Jamie and I can pretty much handle anything thrown at us (even when it is 2 am and I look in the mirror and think it's a goooood thing no one else can see me in that moment. I've learned not to put Sienna down when she is still moving her arms, even if she looks sleepy because she is not. I've learned sometimes babies just cry, no matter what you do (I hate this lesson, it makes me sad when she cries!) I've learned being a mom is the hardest and best job there is. And I have become more and more and more thankful for my mom every day, both for her help with the little one but also am able to appreciate what being a mom is all about. I've learned my friends love my daughter like she's their own and that it makes my heart happy. And each day I learn a little more about my new little one. Today the lesson is this: thrush is the worst- for mama and baby- and the diaper rash that comes with it makes babies scream. ouch. google it if you don't know about it- or don't-  it's probably better not to!

The little one is taking a quick snooze now before it's time to eat again and any minute I'll hear her little squeaks and grunts and need to grab her, so off to do the laundry (because you know, this morning Sienna decided to pee on our bed- she just was trying to spice up our day here).

Sorry for the blog silence- taking care of baby is literally a 24 hour a day job! xoxo

First Walk!!!

Cuddling with my loves!


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