March 31, 2012

How did that 6 weeks disappear?

In the throes of week 2 of parenthood, my days were all melding together. I didn't know which way was up. And suddenly those days seem so long ago! 6 weeks have (almost-Monday is 6 weeks) passed and this week I return to work. I hate the thought of going back but I know I need to do it for now. Come September, I am hoping I'll be part time and can spend more time with my little one. Sienna now holds onto my shirt when I carry her around the house and it is something so small but it makes me melt and I am jealous that the nanny and my mom will get those moments instead of me!

She is changing SO much every day! I was walking through Babys R Us (a weekly or daily visit) and saw a little tiny infant. I asked how old she was, and the mom said 15 days. She looked half the size of Sienna. I can't believe how big she looks to me now! We started to get our first REAL smiles this past week, around 5 weeks old! We got a few in the 4 week time, but now there is no doubt she is smiling when she does it. She loves to stare at mommy and daddy (and sometimes the wall or the fan or the window still) and it is so rewarding to have an interactive smiling face greet me after our morning feeding.

We are getting in a more normal sleep pattern too. It is not by any means perfect, but we made the move from our room to her room for sleep times. She seems to sleep longer because I'm not picking her up with every noise she makes and mama and dada don't wake up to every single little grunt. We have a video monitor, so of course I wake up and peek at it all the time to make sure all is well. She is starting to sleep from the time we go to bed (around 10:00) until 2 or 3 am, and last night went back to sleep from 4 to 7:30! It was amazing, but I realize probably won't be the norm for awhile!

We love our little one and really are amazed at how much she is growing. Today I picked her up and she actually felt heavy. I weighed her (you know, weighed me first, then her with me- and prayed she didn't pee on me) and the scale told me she is almost 10 pounds! That's some major progress from the beginning days of not gaining enough weight!

We are really looking forward to continuing to enjoy Sienna growing, changing, and of course becoming more interactive with us. She is so fun, and my heart hurts that on Monday morning I will have to leave her. But I do love what I do and am lucky to have supportive coworkers. Sienna and I will both survive, I guess!

Happy Weekend! Here's some recent photos of our little love:

Sienna will now go in the Baby Bjorn!

Mornings with Mama

Morning nakey time on the bed!

"My daddy is the FUNNIEST there is!!"


  1. Dear Meg & Jamie,
    Six weeks did not disappear . . they have created wonderful first memories with Sienna. There are sooooo many beautiful days and a lifetime of happiness ahead. Cherish & Enjoy!
    xo Barbara B.


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