May 6, 2012

To Do List

Having Sienna is awesome. BUT I end up not being productive on the weekends. I mean, would you? I spend from 7-8:30 am in bed with J and Sienna playing and feeding her and watching her smile. Then when she goes down for her nap I do too! Because we I am still only getting sporadicly a few hours of sleep around here. Sienna even sleeps through her own feedings. By the time she's up again at 10 or 10:30, I feed her and oh my goodness it's halfway through the weekend! I sort of wouldn't trade this time for the world though. She is happiest in the morning well rested and smiley.

That being said, we've got things to do. And OMG, January 20, one month before the little one arrived, was the last time I posted about house things. Since then though, we DID get actual lights installed in the kitchen and can now cook without squinting. Success. I'll post on that later.

But let's recap. Here was the list I had back in the day, but updated!

House & Baby Prep List


Finish last piece of tile


Recessed Lighting

Light over sink

Choose paint for eating area

Paint eating area

Finish reno of china cabinet

New Cat Room

Clean out "storage" area

New FLOR carpet tiles

measure new door

frame new door

move cat things (beds, food bowls, litter)

create cat door into room

DIY Crafts & Baby Projects

Buy Anthro pulls

Change hardware on baby armoire to Anthro pulls

Buy second hand dresser

Renovate second hand dresser

DIY name project (secret even to me since we haven't picked a name yet)

Baby Room

Move all office furniture out of room & store

Clean, Clean, Clean!!! (well clean time #1)

Paint second coat of ligher yellow paint

Move in furniture (December/January delivery)

Hang chandelier & wire lighting

Clean out closet (dreading this) to make room for baby clothes

Hang Wall Decor
Ah I love the look of a nice well crossed off list. As you can see, the kitchen still lives on that last. And I want to add a chalkboard wall to the cat room area.
So my goal in the next month (stating this publicly may help me out here) by June 6, is to paint the eating area of the kitchen and the trim, and to hang up the wine racks we got for our wedding. yes, way overdue.
Let's hope I can stick to this. Sienna is up from her nap, off to play with my little one!


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