May 31, 2012

Timeline of a Breastfed Baby

Some days, when I am pumping while writing patient notes and eating my lunch all at the same time while praying to get enough to keep up with Sienna, my shoulders tense and I get stressed and I forget the purpose of it all.

Today I spilled about 1/4 ounce of milk post pumping because Sienna is on a sleep strike and I am so tired I can barely hold things steady. Good thing she is amazingly cute and that at 4 am I actually found myself staring at her sleeping in my arms instead of putting her back down and running to my bed. And I almost cried over spilled milk. And that made me realize that I am doing this for a reason- because I want the little one to get what's best for her.

Who knows how long I will last. My goal is a year, but if at 6 months this doesn't work out of us, I will know I tried my absolute best. And to remind me of all the good it does, even week by week, I went back and read a favorite blog post about the timeline of a breastfed baby.

Timeline of a breastfed baby

Here's to you Sienna, my little up all night want to be with mama and nurse buddy!


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