June 2, 2012

The busy days have arrived!

This summer is really jam-packed. But over memorial day weekend, we brought Sienna to J's family beach cottage. The word "cottage" always baffles me because the beach-block cute house with a huge front porch and 3 bedrooms and a huge 3rd floor is not quite a "cottage" to me. But I digress...

This is one of those family jewels that you are forever thankful for. This house is old Rehoboth with new updates and a porch that is to die for. I could spend hours and days on that porch with the ocean breeze and the babies. A glass of wine doesn't hurt either.
Sienna loved it just as much as I do. She "slept through the night" if we can call it that, for the first time from 10:45pm until 5:00 am. I mean that has not happened since nor is it her normal behavior. But thanks ocean breeze and cottage, that was a nice little treat! She had a great time playing with her cousins, too! On Saturday we beached, hung out, napped (me and Sienna both!), and relaxed. We headed to a seafood feast on Saturday evening with J's fam and family friends. The roof deck of their beach house is amazing. Sienna and I took a few moments to pose for some pictures. Well, I did. Sienna was interested in staring at the kids off to the side. Chubby cheeked girl now likes to face forward because she wants to be nosy and see it all.

Clearly neither of us had time for tanning this weekend. Oops. We survived our first dinner party and she passed out halfway through on my chest. What a good baby! On Sunday we did more relaxing, beaching (Sienna fell asleep within a half hour every time we got to the beach!), had dinner with J's family and drove home late night.

First Rehoboth weekend = success. Can't wait until she actually can play on the beach! Next summer will be a whole different world. I have a feeling Sienna + Hazel are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Watch out, world!

Oh ps what is it now- 4 days until my self-imposed kitchen painting deadline? Yeah I haven't even started... here's to failure due to new mamahood! Ooops! Maybe I shoudl set a new "goal". Okay my new goal is to convince J to paint the kitchen since I never have time.  Jamie are you reading this?

Tomorrow "wedding season" officially begins for the summer and fall starting with a bridal shower for a family friend. So many parties, so little time! Super thankful for the gorgeous weather lately and hoping it continues for all our upcoming events!


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