June 21, 2012


Sienna is 4 months old (yesterday)!! I can't believe that the past 18 weeks (sorry I know non baby people hate when baby people write ages like this) have gone so quickly. And yet again, I feel like she's always been around. It's strange this mommyhood thing!

In the past month, we have traveled more, seen more family and friends, and Sienna has learned SO much! She survived her first beach trip, her first bed time at grandma and grandpa's while we went to a wedding, went to her first baby shower! She is babbling and talking more and more every single day. Some mornings she makes sounds from the minute she wakes up until nap time straight. We can't help but laugh. She LOVES us making sounds now too. So cute. She loves her bigger bath and kicks and splashes so much. Tummy time is 100 times easier than it used to be (though sometimes we do catch the little nugget watching tv!!) She is learning to sleep better but TOTALLY breaking out of swaddles so it's time to move onto a sleep sack now. She usually goes to bed at 7 and gets up at 7 with 2 night wakings to eat. Sometimes only one and then I thank the heavenly stars.

A really funny thing happened... she rolled over today! And the funny thing is- this was the same day that I rolled over when I was a baby. Not as in same date, but same exact age. So weird! Maybe she will talk early like mama too! She did it again this evening and I didn't realize til she was halfway over. But I got part on video!

Sienna is also laughing a ton now. I can barely ever get it on video because when I am making her laugh, the phone in her face is not her favorite. But I got a few giggles on film the other day.

She just might be the cutest little four month old there is. Tomorrow she goes to the pediatrician, gets more shots (sad for mama when she cries), talk about sleep, solids, and more!!!

Happy four months to my favorite little lady!! xo


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