October 18, 2012

happytwoyears, husband.

*Fine, I'm 2 days late. We were on vacation.

Two years. Sometimes when I close my eyes I can imagine myself breathing in that cool fall day of our wedding. I can hear the laughter (and tears) that echoed in the bridal suite prepping for what would be one of the absolute greatest and most nostalgic days of my life. I can remember the way that satin dress fit like a glove, and how my dad's face lit up when he saw me for the first time in my gown. I can very clearly imagine my husband-to-be at the end of that aisle, soft smile, eyes bright, waiting for me to stand beside him and promise we'd continue to stand beside each other the rest of our lives.
Wedding Day.

We spent our first anniversary at Winterthur, dinner at Moro, and staying at Hotel Dupont sleeping in and grabbing room service breakfast wearing bathrobes. Fast forward a year. We spent the day with Sienna in upstate New York. Lunch out with the family and a stroll in the park where we showed S ducks and leaves and snapped photographs to preserve the memories of year two, and took a quick walk around the lake later in the day before sunset. Grandma and Grandpa put Sienna to bed, and we ended our evening with an amazing dinner at an eight table restaurant sans baby. Not quite the indulgent first anniversary, but every bit as sweet.

In the past year we've seen a lot. Visited friends in NYC and Philly in the fall. Lots of time OB's office through the fall and winter, of course. We took advantage of non-baby travel to Connecticut in the early winter. Showered wonderfully by the best friends and family we could imagine being surrounded by. Christmas had a new meaning. New life has never been such a close to home idea.  We woke up early and drove to see K + H open presents. New Years. Parenting classes (hilarious). Celebrated the idea of our niece Stella being on her way.  February 20, we learned what it means to be parents together. And while I realize there were another seven months in our year two, that moment, that day, deserves a bit of sit and let it sink in. Because, I never knew how much I would fall in love all over again. Not just with my daughter, but with my husband. He is everything anyone would ever hope a father would be. Loving, kind, even-tempered, calm, and brilliantly full of life when he's with S. And the time he puts in with her is legendary. He sees her in the mornings, he sees her at night. And if he misses a bed time, he's always the first one in her room in the morning. My husband, it turns out, is a dream come true father. The next few months slipped through our fingers. Sleepless nights, food ordered at the last minute when we are starving because we forgot to eat dinner, and a whole lot of love from our family... We celebrated St. Patrick's Day for the first time without my grandpa on hand to give us an Irish blessing, dressing S in green and hoping he'd be proud. The months began to fade and we fell back into the swing of things. Easter in Yardley. Half Marathon for J & Em. Union games. Broad Street Run. First mother's day. Visits with great grandparents. Memorial day at the beach. Weddings. Weddings. Weddings. Bridal showers. BBQs with friends. More trips to visit family. Back to fall. Trip to Seattle. More weddings. Trip to Saratoga Springs. And BAM- 2 years is gone in the blink of an eye.

I love you (x52) , Jamie. For being the best damn husband (and dad) I know. You'll always be my favorite.
2nd anniversary. Lake Saratoga.


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