November 11, 2012

Random Ramblings of Sunday

I love that our family all lives within 1.5 hours of us.
It means Sunday brunch with my brother, sister in law, and baby Stella.
Sienna wanted to eat all of Stella's snacks.
Sienna also stole a sweet potato fry off my plate.
Havre de Grace on a 65 degree day = great for an afternoon walk.
And of course some instagram pics.
In other baby news, S stood up in her crib today.
Time to lower the mattress.
I pumped on the way to lunch.
Because my child is too distracted to nurse lately.
I almost spilled milk in the car.
I felt like this.
House wise, we've been neglectful lately.
Time to get back to business.
I started painting the kitchen this weekend.
I was supposed to paint it circa last January.
The greyish blue is a big win over the green.
The photo below is way darker than what it looks like.
Goal is to finish coat #1 by end of tonight.
Sigh, don't you just love weekends?


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