October 9, 2013

New routines lately.

Sienna is hilarious lately at night. She knows what she wants and when she wants it.

Bath time? No thanks mom, I'd rather run around half naked down the hallway chasing the cat or squealing at daddy as he runs after me.

We have realized that sometimes she needs more wind down time otherwise falling asleep is no easy feat. A few extra books and then some quiet rocking with one of us (not to sleep, just to relax) before crib.

A couple weeks ago I went away for the night with my best friends. We had a ball. If you know my sleep nazi ways, you know that I was mildly concerned about what I would come home to, nap wise and sleep wise. I asked J if she went down okay for him and he replied that of course she did, he just talked to her about their day.

I mean.... how cute? A (mostly) one-sided conversation about what they played that day, what S ate, what they will do tomorrow.

Two nights ago, I happened to put in a load of laundry and the dishes before I went up to say goodnight to my girl, who was happily reading books with daddy. Her lights were already off and I heard the faint sound of their voices.... again talking about their day. This might be my favorite new routine that's going on. She absolutely loves it.

So I did the only spy like mama thing to do, I turned on the monitor and stalked them listened to them talk. I know this sort of looks creepy and alien like, but here's S, lovey in hand, looking up at her daddy as he talks about their day.

And then, as if it wasn't already melt my heart cuteness night... Our little one now sleeps with her arm firmly around her lamby friend.  She always looks so comfy cuddled up to him. A girl after my own heart on the cuddling for sure.

PS I think we have finally emerged from the weird 18 month sleep regression that sort of started around this crazy time. {Now that I typed that we know that this will probably backfire. Such is life.}



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