April 17, 2014

First Date-A-Versary-ISH

The other day, I was daydreaming while driving. For some reason, I was thinking about which necklaces would look cute on my night out with my friends in Philly. My mind suddenly flashed to this long-chain, antique looking, heart locket of a necklace my mom has.

And suddenly, I was there. I was back eight years ago, dressed in my True Religion jeans, a tank top, a sparklyish short shrug sweater (remember that trend??) and my mom's long heart necklace. Maybe it was good luck that I just didn't know was coming. I don't remember the date of my first date with Jamie. That seems so bizarre to me. I'm queen of nostalgia. But I know we met on St. Patrick's day and had our first date alone, without friends there, a few weeks later. So, in April 2006, eight years ago, Jamie picked me up in that outfit.

I remember the smell of his red Jeep Cherokee (at the time I remember thinking it was handsome cologne. In retrospect, I think it mayyyy have been leftover soccer stench covered with said cologne). I know he was wearing his Lucky Brand jeans and a button down shirt. And his favorite J. Lindeberg belt- that has sadly long since been broken.

I can vividly remember our email exchange that week, discussing any food avoidances I have (duh, none), and that he would come to me and take me to dinner. I remember we used to email back and forth questions about each other every day... I remember laughing at those emails and the crazy things Jamie said. I remember that around that same time J told me he drank 64 ounces of water a day while at work and that his favorite food was sushi.

We went to Fish Tank. A small restaurant in Manayunk I loved. He picked the place. He picked our wine, with my approval of course. My best guess is that back then he bent more for me than he showed because I remember it was a white (sweetish) wine and I now know a Malbec is more his speed. He ordered a full bronzino. We sat at dinner for hours. I remember that it was so warm that night and I was so filled with hope. I think some part of me knew then, on date one, this was my forever. I think some part of me also knew it wasn't yet. But I just had a feeling...

For some reason, all it took was a simple thought of that necklace to bring it swirling back.. Mom, I don't know if you even knew I had that for a year, but I did. It went on our first date. It brings back the most treasured memories to me.

Those early days are so irreplaceable. How thankful I am that we walked down this path...

This is NOT our first date. But it was that summer. And I love this photo.



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