September 12, 2014


Life with two kiddos is amazingly mind blowing, but wonderful. Sienna is sweet as pie with Piper most of the time.  She is still learning how to be gentle and thinks it is fun to wake her up from naps, but she's really doing great.
I am sort of in awe of how bonded they already seem. Piper is too little to track and follow Sienna, but she reacts when she hears her voice. She stares at her in the morning as if to ask her what is going on in this crazy world. Sienna is already fiercely protective (okay maybe possessive) of her "baby sister" and told another kiddo in our neighborhood the other day on a walk not to wake up her little baby sister. She goes over to her when she cries and says, "don't worry, you'll be okay" and "aww little lady, what's wrong". I think if I let her she'd tote Piper around like a doll. The outcome of that would likely be tragic so we will hold off.
I can already imagine life next summer- Sienna holding Piper's hand as she starts to stand and toddle- telling her about the ocean and the beach and probably giving instructions on what to do. So far, at just three weeks, Piper seems a bit more laid back than Sienna- maybe she got those Walls genes from daddy. I imagine her rolling her eyes at Sienna at times as they grow up, but going along with her crazy ideas.
I can't wait to see how their sister relationship develops over time. I think this is the greatest gift both of them will ever get- a sister to grow up with and explore the world together!
I love you both little itty bitties.


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