December 3, 2011

making a list, checking it twice.

Awhile ago, I posted this list that we were working on for the house. We've been moving slow and steady but we've gotten a few things checked off. In the kitchen, the backsplash tile is finished and grouting is done. I still need to get on top of those painting jobs, and work on the china cabinet. The cabinet may wait til post baby. In the "new cat room", J's dad did measure for a new door and is working on ordering the custom door and frame. We haven't moved the cat things there yet because, umm...we need a door. Which has put a hold on the baby room things. I've cleaned and moved some thigns out, but the cat things that are in there are in limbo. Ahhh at least we've crossed off a few things. 

House & Baby Prep List
Finish last piece of tile
Recessed Lighting
Light over sink
Choose paint for eating area
Paint eating area
Finish reno of china cabinet
New Cat Room
Clean out "storage" area
New FLOR carpet tiles
measure new door
frame new door
move cat things (beds, food bowls, litter)
create cat door into room
DIY Crafts & Baby Projects
Buy Anthro pulls
Change hardware on baby armoire to Anthro pulls
Buy second hand dresser
Renovate second hand dresser
DIY name project (secret even to me since we haven't picked a name yet)
Baby Room
Move all office furniture out of room & store
Clean, Clean, Clean!!! (well clean time #1)
Paint second coat of ligher yellow paint
Move in furniture (December/January delivery)
Hang chandelier & wire lighting
Clean out closet (dreading this) to make room for baby clothes
Hang Wall Decor
Umm if it's any consolation last night we put up all of our Christmas decor and baked sugar cookies. That was some effort! Maybe we will get to more of baby room-ing tomorrow. I will have to take a "before" picture soon. Lists are nice when you are crossing things off, but nooooot so nice when they remind you of all the things you've got left to do. Eeek! Better check this list twice... and three times... and maybe a fourth depending on how long it takes to get finished!!


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