November 21, 2011

Belly rubs and Baby love... plus a housewarming

When you're pregnant, you sooometimes get left out of things. People assume you are too busy, too tired, can't travel, can't drink coctktails. And I have to live vicariously through other people's vacation photos and dirty martinis (funny thing is, I don't even love martinis, but I DO love olives lately).
But, this weekend, I didn't feel that for a minute. As I walked down the sidewalk of a cute little neighbhorhood on a mild November weekend in fishtown holding Jamie's hand, I heard squeals before I ever opened the door to my friend Jen's new home. Squeals and screams and voices telling me I was welcome there.  My friends encircled me the minute I walked in the door and made a huge fuss out of the baby belly. Most times, if strangers or people I'm mildly friends with touch my stomach, I am freaked out. But not these girls, they talked to baby, kissed baby belly, and made it clear that baby and I were welcome in their presence. It was so heartwarming and made me feel filled with happiness. Friends who are single, engaged, married. Doesn't matter, we have always been scattered in life stages but we make it work. We love each other like family and I'm so grateful for that.

Not to mention, once I found out baby was a girl, they had to buy my little one presents. Beth bought the cuuuutest shirt that says I love my auntie (sorority sisters for life) and an adorable baby gap sweater that I would wear if it came in a bigger size. And Jen brought me onesies and little booties that were pink and cute and had a little monkey on them. Adore.

The point of our get together was not to lavish my tummy with love (though that happened) or to squeal some more over Lauren's engagement and to die for diamond (also happened), it was to see Jen's new home. And it is super cute. Gorgeous hardwoods, bathrooms in every bedroom, and a lot of space for entertaining. Perfect for my newlywed friends. There's so much to celebrate and so much to be thankful for.

I'm happy in my heart.


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