November 5, 2011

A whole 24 weeks. That's 6 months if each month really had exactly 4 weeks (but they don't).

Yesterday we hit the 24 week mark! Which is crazy to think that equals 6 months. Half a year of pregnancy? Is that even possible?! Have I been growing this little one for 6 months already? But then I think back to working my other job, my long commute, and flying to Bermuda back in the early summer and I remember ohhhh yes, it has been quite awhile.

I can't believe she will be here in a little less than 4 months.


That seems so soon. And I can't wait (but oh my we have TONS to do!!)

Here's a couple 24 week pictures. I am not sure it looks that much different than 20 weeks, but I feel soooo much bigger and I've gained about 3.5 pounds since then. Maybe the outfit I had on was not really in line with the outfits I usually take pics in. These were on the go on the way out the door, my hair is being totally crazy, and I am standing funny. Maybe We will have to take some more in my normal yoga pants & tank top... I was also getting kicked during the photo session, made me laugh.

I am also really pale and tired looking. Which I actually blame on iron deficiency and not my lack of exposure to sunlight. Well, that is what the doctor suspects. She told me last week, "your color is off". I said "you mean I look really pale?" Well yes, indeed she did. So they are going to do my blood tests and check for anemia, which is really common and would just mean an extra iron pill or two a day. Maybe I wouldn't look so ghost-like and sleepy!

Spending the rest of this weekend relaxing and getting some things done around the house... and then next weekend we head up to NYC to see two of my most favorite people and their hubbies too. It will be nice to have a mini vaca to the city and see my best friends. It's been WAY too long!!


  1. When Baby Girl Walls is old enough, I will buy her this so she can be like her Mommy!!

  2. ...and it didn't link. Boo, copy and paste


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