July 25, 2012

ER. Remember that show? This was NOTHING like that.

We had our first trip to the ER with S. Let's start with saying that she is now totally fine. And while I am glad trauma wise it was not like the television show ER, I think having George Clooney there may have made everyone feel better.

Yesterday morning while Sienna was playing, she went to stand up by pulling herself (what she gets for being over zealous) and tumbled back. When one tries to catch a baby tumbling, and cannot get two hands behind their back, baby grabs your hand. And then their elbow sometimes pops out of socket! We didn't know right away. At first we thought she was just being a tired fussy one but her cries got louder if we picked her up and she refused to nurse. Then we realized she wasn't moving her arm. After being the crazy concerned mama I am and calling not one but three friends (one has a hubby in ortho, one has a dad in ortho, and one has a pediatrician sister) to ask if this is ped vs ER worthy, we decided to take her to the ER just to be safe. Besides, who doesn't want an ER visit to spice up their Tuesday morning?

We were all a bit shaken, but S being the normal amazingly laid back baby she was didn't cry unless we touched her arm. She let us put her in a gown, poke and prod, and was such a little trooper. I know she's only 5 months but I was really proud. Don't worry, she never let go of Sophie with her right hand between hugging her and chewing on her.

Pretty much right away they knew it was her elblow. Not one but TWO physicians tried to pop it back in. Fail x2. Then xrays! Baby xrays. We felt so awful for her but she babbled through the xray while holding onto me with her right hand. She majorly missed nap time. So daddy was a good enough bed for the time being. I also wasn't allowed to feed her until after the xray results! Hungry baby!

We finally got the ER attending to come in post xray reads. The scans were clear and her elbow was still not in place. Every time she moved, she screamed. We needed this fixed! So this doc said she was going to try one more time. I held S tight and that doctor used some blunt force to pop that elbow... and it was fixed!!!

We were so relieved. So 3 doctors, 4 hours, 7 xrays, and one elbow popped in later, we were on our way. Everyone was exhausted. Someone fell asleep on our way home.

Today we are all better! We survived! S had some soreness last night but after 1 dose of tylenol she seemed back to normal. She is the best best natured baby ever. One ER trip down, hoping to not have any others to speak of! The trials + tribulations of parethood!

PS it's most common in girls and in the left arm- check and check! Hoping this never happens again!


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