July 31, 2012

Holy S*

Okay so when I thought about parenthood I never thought, "I can't WAIT to stick a suppository in my baby's butt when she hasn't pooped for 4 days".

Never. Once.... I promise.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. Tonight, after 4 days of no poop for Sienna, the pediatrician said it was time to try a glycerin suppository... We tried water, prunes, pear juice, cycling the legs. We tried tummy rubbing. We tried tummy time. We tried exercise. 

So after work I loaded S in the car and set out to the pharmacy. She is super attached to mama lately, so holding on like a little koala I just carried her in on my hip. [side note, i always thought people who dont put shoes or socks on their kids out in public were weird. babies don't need shoes. fact. i was this mom today.]

I went into the baby aisle and then thought, no, suppositories won't be here. Why would they be? This aisle is for normal baby things- and this is sort of not the norm. I headed down the stomach issue aisle next- I mean come on- I am already friends with that aisle- and found "glycerin suppository". Read directions. Directions say "for kids under 2 use infant or child suppository". Well it can't be that abnormal if they have a whole bottle dedicated to the little ones! Of course, Rite Aid didn't have the infant kind so we went with the child kind.

Put S back in her car seat. Tell her on the way home I am sorry about what is coming when we get home and she plays with Sophie. She giggles. She clearly has NO idea. Get home. Google "glycerin suppository dose" for 5 month old. Find multiple baby center posts saying to use 1/4 of a child size suppository. Think in my head (my mom always says, where else would you think?) okay how do I break this into 4 pieces? I cut it with scissors after "sanitizing" them in a bag I usually sanitize breast pump items in. Oh my goodness, thankfully I have a patient baby who is playing on her playmat while I do all these crazy mom things.

Walk into room with 1/4 suppository. My poor baby. I tell her sorry again and we go for it. Quick and easy. And no tears! Just a very shocked look on her face and then.... she pushed and pushed and nothing.

I decided on a half hour bath to relax muscles.

See bubbles. MORE BUBBLES!! GET THE BABY OUT OF THE BATH!! Too late. Poop in the bath. Times two.  At least she pooped! I have never been so excited about poop. Thank you Sienna for bringing mama back to reality and the basics of life sometimes. Rinse baby. Put baby on towel. Baby now has poop on her. Clean bath. Put baby BACK in her bath tub.

Text Jamie: Small bath tub shit
Jamie answers: Haha!

You wouldn't have been laughing if you were the one cleaning off the baby. And the tub. All this to say, we have to try again tomorrow because the poor kid is still stopped up.

Like I said, Holy S. The things that you learn as a mom.

Pooper Scooper.


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