August 2, 2012

Operation: Get back into my Sevens.

I have this pair of Seven jeans I adore. They are the old school 7 for all mankind worn in wonderful ones. I couldn't buy them in a bigger size if I wanted to because they don't make them anymore. I think the last time I wore them was approximately a year ago in the early days of pregnancy. I am wearing them in a photo from last July on J's bday. I adore those jeans. The thing about those jeans- they always let me know when I even gained a pound. Because they didn't have much give. And their threads were worn thin. I've owned them for about 8 years. Maybe 10. Oh how I adore them.

But let's be honest about it, pregnancy doesn't equal designer jean wearing (well actually it did but they were maternity), and it's time to face the music. I cannot wear any of my cute jeans. I have a few pairs of pants that are okay, and most of my work-type dresses and cotton dresses fit fine. But my jeans? Well nope.

Everyone kept telling me breastfeeding months 3-5 will be the most weight loss yet! This magical time did not help me much and so far- when I cut my calories, I also cut my milk supply. As much as I want to fit in those pants, I am not willing to give up breastfeeding either. So I've gotta find a way to do this. I will say that operation get back into my sevens will come to a screetching halt if my supply starts to drop. S is most important and until we hit the year mark at February I really hope to keep bf. So that's the caveat.

So here are the things that I am going to work on:
  • I'm going to do this in steps. My sevens are my favs, but they've always been my "I'm feeling thin and not bloated" jeans, so maybe having those as goal 1 isn't fair.
  • So first I think I'll start with the goal of this: Fit into my true religion jeans, seen below [without feeling stuffed into them]. Please ignore the crazy picture. It was karaoke night in grad school.  These jeans are super stretchy, so with some give they will probably be first to get over the post preg ass.
  • Then I will move on to my Citizen of Humanity jeans. Comfy, casual, also a bit stretchy. I can't find a photo of them which is interesting because they are my go- to daily jeans. They are not wear my heels and go out jeans. I cannot wait until they can be my go-tos again.
  • I am going to track my calories. My Fitness Pal  is a free app- and the best part? I can add in "breastfeeding" as one of my daily activities and it gives me back those calories so that I hopefully won't have that aforementioned supply issue.
  • I have to make a confession. I haven't gone on a good run since I was a few months preg. That makes me sad because two falls ago I did the Philly half marathon with J. I need to fix this pronto. So I got the Couch to 5k app on my phone too. I am going to do this if it kills me. I should have time (since it's only 30 mins 3 days a week) to do it either after work when I get home with S in the jogging stroller or after I put her to bed if J is home.
  • I have no "date" by which any of this will occur. I just want to make an effort. And writing it down will help me with motivation. The five weddings we have this fall are also motivation!
  • Oh, I am also considering this: Tracy Anderson Post Preg Workout. But it's $50. That seems pretty drastic to me. Then again, if considering doing bullet above, I may want to reconsider.

  • And then, and then... MAYBE I can fit back into my Sevens. Oddly, these are the only two photos I can find of my favorite pants ever. Note I am totally checking myself out in the mirror in photo one. Yes, I want to have the desire to do that again.

Wish me luck!

Update: I drafted this yesterday and then last night completed my first C25K workout, logged my calories, and took a "pre" photo. It's super blurry, but the best I could do while holding a squirmy baby. And my linen closet is a disaster zone. Ugh the post preggo stomach- which S is very sweetly partially covering wiht her foot! Here are me and baby S on night #1:


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