August 7, 2012

it's coming!!!!


 crisp leaves. boots. we know i love boots. cool breezy mornings. my favorite wedding season. maybe because it's our anniversary. hiking. pumpkin spice starbucks lattes. trips to linvilla orchards.
This year I am extra extra excited for a few things:
  • I have 18 days (!!!!) of work left. In 18 days, September comes booming in and S and I get to be bff and spend more time together. I will be working part time [probably, there is no official job right now, but I digress] but at minimum, I'll get an extra two days with my baby.
  • Spending days with my mom.
  • I think the reason above should have two bullets. I plan to sign us up for mommy + me swimming, schedule playdates with our baby friends and mamas, and plop little S into the grocery cart in the middle of a non crowded work day.
  • We are taking our first plane trip with S and our first trip to Seattle to see one of my oldest (as in time, not age) friends get married.  J has a list of 100 things to do in 4 days.
  • A possible hiking vacation, but this year upstate NY instead of wayyyyy upstate NH.
  • So gorgeous. I love new vacation spots.
  • First hiking vacation WITH BABIES! J has a baby backpack.
  • Can I mention the pumpkin spice latte again?!
  • Part time work means more time with little niece Stella too.
  • A new start. Every fall I feel that way. I know that technically January starts a new year, but to those of us in the medical world whose training years revolve around August 31, a new start is September. And I love it.
Come on over, September, I'm waiting for you!


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