September 17, 2011

Rest easy, the boots are secured. Fall can officially progress.

I couldn't contain myself and ordering boots online became a quickly diminishing option. So after work on Friday, I wooed J by saying I'd pick up chinese on the way home and made my way to the shoe store. Famous Footwear, a place I have probably never bought a single pair of shoes before, was having a buy one, get one half off. The Steve Madden Intyce were priced at $149 or above everywhere I looked so I went in with the goal of spending something within that general budget. If not, all bets were off.

Well what to my wondering eyes did appear? These babies met me at the door. I said yes to the dress shoes before I even looked at the price- which was cheaper than the Intyce, but still Steve Madden. I was sold. They were $129 on sale for $119. Sold, sold even more sold. A great deal for a pair of boots. For the record, they are the Steve Madden Indira.
But then something even BETTER happened... What you ask? Well, I found another pair I loved. These were Steve "Madden Girl" Extreme. Not concerned with the Madden Girl. They were $89 on sale for $74. BUT remember the BOGO 1/2 off? Yeah, I'm into the lingo now too. That made my day.
I spent a total of $147 (I don't know where the extra few bucks came off- but I was not asking, complaining, or walking back in the store). I felt like the lady in the IKEA commercial who is screaming "START THE CAR!!" because she got such a good deal. On Friday morning I planned to spend $149 on one pair of boots- and on Friday evening I brought home two new beautiful pairs of foot dreams for under that amount.

We DID indeed go to Linvilla Orchards. And I do indeed LOVE these boots- both pairs. Fall can officially begin and I can wear my leggings & boots uniform with pride.I would live in this outfit if acceptable.

Oh yeah look there's preggo me. With my new boots. I love my new boots! Next here's a blurry picture I took on our drive around town today. I was trying to exemplify the concept of how great my boots were.


  1. love that you're wearing tights for pants...that's your quote, not mine ;-) and i love preggo meggo!!! xox


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