September 29, 2011

baby things?!

Ummmm there are 8 bazillion things on Babies R Us Registry. I don't know what things are good and bad and ugly and in between. I don't know what to pick. Some things I've added because well, I was told to by stalking my new mama Laurie's registry or someone mentioned how great it was. Otherwise... ???

So mommies... can you please give me some suggestions. Not basic ones like "get bottles" but what kindsss of things you bought. What swing lulled your little one to sleep? What high chair was crap and you hated? Well I don't need to know what you hated, just what you loved.

Oh and you don't have to be a mom to answer this. You could be a dad. Or a really good aunt who remembers something your neice loved. Or a grandma who watches your daughter's baby. I mean if you know the right stuff, you can be anyone. But help! and help fast!

Clueless mom to be.


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