September 28, 2011

Front Porch

I keep seeing all these cute front porch fall decor set-ups. Pinterest is full of them. And while I found myself pinning elaborate designs, I was strolling the $1 aisle of Target today and saw a few cute items. I went with it. And instead of the likely $50 i would have spent in AC Moore buying a bazillion decor items, I just decided that I'd go for a budget design on this one (let's face it, I'll save the splurging for the baby's nursery).

Those flowers are from the grocery store on sale last week. I picked up those cute vine-made pumpkins for $2 each, and the sign was $1. It is sparkly, but you can't tell here. So thanks, Target and Acme. You made my front porch presentable for fall & Halloween for $10. Bam. Happy Decorating!


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