September 7, 2011

New Hampshire Loving.

New Hampshire is a place that feels like home. Every year, no matter where we are and what we are doing, we all head up to North Conway for a weekend, a long weekend, or sometimes a week or longer like in the early days of vacationing.

New Hampshire means long car rides punctuated with stops at random country stores, pictures at Lake Chocurua on the way to our destination, roaming the shops in the little town of North Conway and getting candy from the general store. It means visiting Jackson falls and the Kangamangus highway. It means sliding down rocks and wading in cold water. It means sharing one big condo in Attitash Village with the whole family and gathering in the kitchen for drinks and dinner. New Hampshire has been a part of my life for literally as long as I can remember. From camping in cabins with my parents and brother as little kids, to a now annual hike of Mount Washington, home of the world's worst ever recorded winds and weather, it's another place that reminds me of the deep roots of our family traditions (my grandpa and dad started hiking Mt. Washington over 40 years ago) and makes me smile. Every time.

This year, we decided we'd make the trek for Labor Day, since I started a new job this week and knew I wouldn't be able to take some time off for awhile. J and I flew Thursday evening (I hate the 12 hour drive) and met my parents in Manchester. The rest of the fam came in on Friday. This year, the weather, allergies, and some other factors led to a decision... the men were hiking, but the girls were going to take a day to shop at the Outlets. I won't argue with that.

Here's some pictures of my FAVORITE things. Thanks dad for continuing this yearly tradition. And thanks to J and Sam for immediately bonding with the family's silly ways and being troopers.

Lake Chocorua... One of the most photographed places.

North Conway, NH lookout... Mt. Washington's summit was in the clouds...

Zeb's General Store. North Conway. Best place EVER.

I like a successful hike! With no injuries (minus J's little run in with a rock boulder).

Jackson Falls. But my "like" about this is that J is a photography lover. And takes lots of pictures of his wife. And it always makes me smile.

Together at Jackson Falls!

One of the oldest covered bridges in the country.... love it.

Nothing compares to our NH getaways... because it is all so familiar and feels like an old friend every time we return. It make me want to stay forever (or at least a few weeks). Next year we are thinking about renting out a big house and staying for longer. NH is a mix of nostalgia and excitement for the future time we will spend up there with our families. 

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!! xo


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