May 9, 2014

25 weeks.

Soooo... how did we get this far? No one would mistake me for not pregnant at this point. Not even me, which was happening a lot before! But this tummy is growing and it's getting more real every day.

Weeks: 25
Feeling: Pretty good physically. Tired as usual ha! But not bad.  Guilty that I can't carry Sienna as much, but it hurts my back and I feel ligament pain if I pick her up too quickly. Oh and super emotional. Crying at everything.
Belly:  Feels huge and heavy, but I am no fool- I know I have a loooong way to go.
Movement: Tons. Jabs and kicks and punches.
Craving: Uh oh, sweets. I never had sweets craving with Sienna that I remember. But, on the plus side, salad is the other craving with home made Italian dressing. So that's good. Also, a good strong cocktail would be welcomed.
Gender: Still a girl haha! We really need to talk names soon. What goes well with Sienna?
Other symptoms: Braxton Hicks like crazy. Every few hours, sometimes a few an hour. I am hoping that it is like last pregnancy when they meant I was slowly prepping and can walk into delivery for a quick 4 hour turn around. And I'm hot ALL THE TIME. At night I find myself checking the thermostat. I am in such big trouble for summer.
Random thoughts: Baby #2 needs to get some of her own things, so this morning Sienna and I went shopping. Maternity shorts are not as bad as I thought.



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