May 23, 2014

Disney World: Part Two. Wilderness Lodge, Chef Mickey's, and the wonder of Disney.

I left off with part one of our amazing Disney experience. I mentioned briefly we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. We opted for the Villas and had a two-room suite shared with my brother & his family. We figured the girls could play in the common room, we'd have a good fridge and dishwasher for the toddler necessities (milk, juice, a billion snacks a day) and we'd each have our own room. I'm kicking myself for not taking photos because the bedrooms were HUGE. Our girls' cribs both fit in the closet (door open but still own space) and gave us some space. The bathrooms- also huge. It was a really great set up for two toddler families. Also, unlike some of the other villa-type set ups I've seen, this was super close to the rest of the hotel complex and a quick path down from the main lobby.  The ferry from our hotel went to Magic Kingdom and also the Contemporary resort. A big help when going to Chef Mickey's. Also- the kiddie pool is 1ft at the deepest so we felt comfy letting the girls play as long as we were watching without being on top of them.
My mom suggested we make reservations at Whispering Canyon Café right in the hotel our first night. So we booked for 5:15 thinking the girls would need to eat and get to bed somewhat early. The best part? Halfway through the meal our over excited, overtired toddlers were given a chance to get up and run around. They had pony races through the entire restaurant. And if you ask for ketchup, the wait staff yells, "KETCHUP!" until the previous table with ketchup brings it to you... all 50 bottles.
Day two we purposely planned to skip the parks and concentrate on getting our girls adjusted. A VERY good idea because Sienna had some major night terrors night #1 in the hotel. She was totally fine the rest of the time, so just a work in progress type issue. Anyway.... Day #2 we decided we would spend the morning just going on walks around the property (we found some rabbits and there is a water geiser that's awesome!), have brunch at Chef Mickey's, let the girls take a regular nap (uber important in Disney, don't let anyone tell you otherwise) and then spend the afternoon and evening at the pool. I have to say, this may have been Sienna's fav day. She was tired in the morning from a bad night of sleep so she was cuddly and wanted to be held a lot but brunch was great and so up close and personal with the characters!
We arrived at the Contemporary resort early, so we decided we'd just take the monorail through Disney property- the girls loved that! Chef Mickey's food was great and had tons to offer. I highly recommend it for toddlers and young kids. Sienna was shy at first with characters but then she slowly got used to them.  After nap time, we hit the pool. But first, during nap time, the grandparents (who were the heart and soul of this trip and honestly kept us sane even with crazy toddler moments), decided to go on an adventure. Could my parents be any cuter or happier?
I drank a virgin pina colada while Sienna swam around. It was heavenly. That night, we didn't want to force the girls inside so we just stripped off their bathing suits and grabbed food from Roaring Fork. We sat outside and ate dinner, and then the hotel had a dance and smores party! Our little ladies were more interested in hanging out playing in the sand and eating some raw marshmallows.
We ended the day just hanging out letting the girls meander on the beach playground. It was such a good, but relaxing day. I was thrilled that we planned one down-day before the adventure began. So was Sienna- she slept so much better the second night and loved being able to take the lead on what to do. Disney really does make it possible for even the most tired child to turn around and have a great day. Pool dance parties, easy ferries, smores... The girls were in heaven. And so were the parents!

Stay tuned for how we did Magic Kingdom with our tots!


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