August 16, 2011

Fall Desires

I love fall clothes. I always have. I can still remember the smell of new clothes at the mall shopping for back to school days. I can still picture some of my favorite outfits that fall brought to my life and getting on the bright yellow school bus proud of the digs I picked out for the first day.

So it's no surprise that when August hits my brain starts reeling with what things I want to run to the store, buy, and hang in my closet with the price tags still on them until the new school year starts it is appropriately fall time.

1. My very first thing I want is a new pair of brown leather flat boots. I want suggestions. I don't want to spend $400. I wear boots a lot and I want some that are relatively casual, but work wearable. Here are a few pairs I wouldn't kick out of my closet.
Love these Lacoste boots. They actually legit remind me of my horse back riding days. Maybe they will give me better luck than my actual boots, which often ended in me having no control over horses and falling on the ground.

I also love these and the bit of extra height to them. They look comfy too. Sign me up.

These are Steve Madden Intyce in Cognac.
I love these because they are a bit cheaper and I'd probably convince myself to buy them in black too. Let's face it, I just love boots. They are my favorite trend.

2. I love leggings too, despite calling them faux tights for a very very long time before realizing they were so comfy and can be quite stylish too. Speaking of which, my friend Sarah recently sent me a link to a pair of leggings she loves. 

And wouldn't those leggings look cute with a pair of brown boots, a button down shirt, and a fall jacket? I think so. So these are another item on the wish list. 

3. Speaking of fall jackets.... I want one. And I found this beauty from J. Crew.
Not only is this jacket super cute, and easy to layer, it is mustard yellow. Fall's greatest color, in my opinion. I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it. Now, I probably can't splurge on every single one of these items (there's more to come still), but I love creating a wish list and thennnnn searching down similar cheaper versions. Always an accomplishment.

4. Long sleeve shirts and sweaters! I can never get enough. But I prefer the sweaters be fall tones and light weight. I hate being too hot. In keeping with my mustardy yellow obsession, how cute is this sequin shoulder sweater from Banana Republic?
Love the casual yet somewhat dressy nature. You could pair this with my new boots and leggings too. What a concept. Anyone else love that I'm making outfits out of clothes I don't own?

This scoop neck sweater also wins my heart because you can put on different tanks under it and it's light and flowy.

5. Cheap cardigans I can interweave into my outfits. For real, cheap. Like Forever 21 style. But with these fun yearly buys, why splurge?
With a brown belt and a long sleeve button down J Crew shirt underneath? This nautical striped sweater vest would be so adorable, and it is soooo cheap. There's literally no excuse not to buy this. And there's more!
This would be super cute with dark grey work pants and a bright red big beaded necklace I already own.
I actually love this outfit. Cardi open, dark jeans, good colored belt and the long necklace with bangles. Most of us already own a pair of dark jeans, right? And I have like 800 belts. And at $22, it's another steal.

6. Dresses for Fall. We already discussed how much I love boots. And leggings. And what better to pair them with (besides the other things I already drooled over) than a cute little dress?

Another affordable option. I'd probably belt it, because let's face it, I'm obsessed with belts and giving the body some shape. But this dress is so cute, and would be great for Thanksgiving dinner.
This price tag is the opposite of the F21 cute cardis, but I love love love this dress. With a cute blue necklace and brown boots for fall. Oh someone please buy this for me?
Unfortunately, this is also Anthro so it's somewhat pricy for a cotton dress. But umm I think I could live in this dress. All day every day. I want it. It's a definite on my wish list.

This is just a starting point. But a very good one. I am headed up to New Hampshire in September with the family and I am hoping my mom and I can hit the outlets. We will leave the boys to the wilderness for an extra day while we shop. I hope I can fulfill some of my wish list. Can anyone else smell fall in the air calling your name for a new pair of leather boots. 

Waiting for Fall.

P.S. I am reading Hunger Games and am flying through these books. They are for tweens. Thank you Sarah for sending me their way; now I have dreams of shooting arrows and climbing in trees to survive. Anyone else?!?!


  1. I got the Intyce boots in black almost three years ago and they are still my go-to boots (even though the heels are destroyed and I need a new pair). They are fairly comfortable and its easy to dress them up or down. I highly recommend them! You might be able to find them for under $100 if you do some online searching, too. Happy shopping!!

  2. yea, buy the intyce steve madden boots, they last forever and i have them in cognac brown, gray and black ;-)

  3. Ooooo I *LOVE* fall clothes, too! Those jcrew leggings=fab. I wonder how they fit? Do let me know if you purchase. And thanks for being my teen lit reader friend;) Admittedly, this makes me feel less embarassed and more eager to finish book 2! haha

  4. Splurge on the Anthro maxi, it is amazing looking- and so you!!


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