August 5, 2011

Why all girls should have a dad like mine....

Do you know that it's been almost a week since the FB was hacked? And do you know that despite emailing EVERY day, calling, and stalking I got no response?

So Wednesday, do you know what I did? I called in the big guns. Yep, that's right. My dad. Why you ask? Because since I can remember (that's a long time) when something goes majorly wrong, my dad can fix it. Swear. Even when it seems impossible, or unlikely. Take FB for instance. I tell my dad what happened and ask what to do. I am thinking in my head maybe we need to file a lawsuit. Well Georgey T. has bigger and better ideas. Mind you, my dad is not on facebook. I would be willing to be he has never seen a "facebook page" even. But, like all other problems in life that my dad can usually help me solve (he always says "I'm happy to help as long as you follow through and take care of business"), my dad also had a solution for facebook.

Mind you, for 5 days I had asked every 20-something and 30-something I know if anyone knew ANYONE who worked for facebook. Nope. Nada. I begged people to tell me how to fix my account. I wrote email upon email.

I should have just emailed my dad.

Within 2 hours of asking him for help, he escalated the issue in his own company, figured out who could help him out... and bam, I had the direct contact of a very very very high up person at facebook.

Do you know what happens when you email said person and tell them that you got their contact from a prominent business executive? THEY RESPOND!!! In 2 hours!! And they get things moving for you. And FAST.

I'm happy to say my FB account is now back under my own control. I'm happy to say THANKS DAD and thank you to the FB execs who helped get this back. If you are looking for how to be a good dad, you should ask mine. He's the best there is.

Now, let's also discuss some facebook security and privacy must-knows. For real. I don't want you to get hacked too. Your boss' boss' wife might see it and that's embarrassing. Believe me, I KNOW. Because before I went through all this, in terms of security, this is pretty accurate:
Except I didn't need to learn how. I just already wasn't doing so hot. So here are my words of advice. If you care:
1. Go check your password for how secure it is. Make sure it is in the "strong" category.

2. Change your password relatively frequently.

3. Under account settings, there is an option to have facebook send a text message to your cell phone when someone tries to sign in from a computer other than your own. This is amazing. I set it up today and even when I tried to sign in on my phone, I needed a one time numeric code in addition to my password. This would make it quite hard for hackers to get through (though who knows, I'm sure they have their ways).

4. Delete all the people you don't like know. I went through and booted 180 or so friends today. If I don't talk to you in real life or think I will interact with you in the future, you gotta go. I'm sorry.

Welcome back to Facebook.  And welcome to Super Security 2011.  Now go tag me in Freeman's wedding photos because I'm back to being a real person on the book!


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