August 2, 2011

Jen & Tim's Nups Highlights

This past weekend we packed up our bags and headed north to New York for two of my favs wedding. Jen & Tim met at PSU back in college... who knew they'd be walking down the aisle to say I do forever?! The weekend was a fantastic celebration, and a great mini college reunion of sorts. Since if I posted all 400 pictures I took this page would crash and/or my readers would all abandon me, I'll give you the highlights.

Baback ordered "Mother's Milk" beer at dinner Friday night. It's sour like real breast milk. Juuuust kidding. But he did get kind of sick Friday night, so whoooo knows right? Baback, next time I'd go for the Miller Lite.
In related highlights, can I just say how much I love these two?
In unrelated to Baback and milk subjects, but related to wedding weekend, after dinner we met up with the wedding party at the bar and got to see the BRIDE!
The details of Jen's wedding on wedding day were perfect. As was the weather. Do you know what they had with the programs? Fans. Thankful for those bad boys, they served as some moving air during the ceremony but also as a shade from the blazing sun.

This looks familiar to me- looks just like our wedding!!

Everything was thought out. Everything was planned. The flowers hanging in the aisle (pictured above) were just absolutely gorgeous. Jen did a fantastic job of thinking of the small details. A fact that does not go unnoticed to a fellow recent bride. 

Beside the details, the ceremony site was pretty gorgeous. And the sunshine and blue skies didn't hurt.

These two lovebirds. So cute. Such a beautiful ceremony spot.

Oh hang on, a highlight that I think is a highlight was my outfit. I realize this is not a post about fashion, but why not? I bought this dress at the BCBG outlet back in February (remember my birthday trip to the Rehoboth outlets??) and I saved it for Jen's wedding. That's BIG for me. I never save dresses. I buy them like, two days before I wear them. And then I buy another one for the next event. I can't help it. Anywho here I am hanging out on the ceremony grounds around sunset's beginning:
OH and can we talk about my earrings? They might have been the highlight of my whole day. Wait, no, ummm, not my etsy earrings. My friends, yes. my friends. But for real, these were a close second.
I know, love, right?! So pretty. They are from Twilight Allure's  shop on Etsy. And they are from Twilight's shop. Who doesn't love Twilight? They were shipped the day I ordered them too. But I digress.

Back to the newlyweds and wedding. The reception place was also gorgeous, because it was all glass so we still were over-looking the mountains. Jen and Tim lived long-distance with Jen in NY and tim in VA for a few years, so they played Hey there Delilah as their first dance. Appropriate. Here's a few photos of the evening's best moments.

Here is another highlight of my evening. Dessert. Oh, and Jamie (who they called Haymea through the night) and Baback "liked" everything in real life instead of fb. It was funny at the time.

Could this photo of four friends devouring dessert be any better? I don't think so. And this may be my favorite photo of the entire evening. And if this post were about me (aren't they all?) and not Jen, I just might do that. But let's just take one more look at the happy new Mr. & Mrs. dancing the night away.
Have an amazing honeymoon in Barbados, you two!! xoxo. Congrats my loves, Welcome to the MARRIED LIFE CLUB!!


  1. I had to get those green earrings! That would be the second time I copied your jewelry as a result of seeing it here. I'll stop, I swear.

  2. Hahaha that's okay :) I do have some fun jewelery.


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