February 15, 2012

Mixed Feelings and some Cinnamon Stick Tea

Last weekend, we brought Dexter to the adoption center at our vet's office. After a bazillion tears (which I have to admit are still randomly coming), we decided it was best. Our vet's office only takes a few cats at once, and will work with him to make sure he can calm down before he goes to a new home. Ever since we brought him in though, a wave of guilt and sadness have just been lurking around me. Despite the fact that he is a completely crazy feline, the adoption agency director assures me they are working with Dexter to help him calm down so they can find him a home. Still, my heart is broken over this.

And so I am trying to turn my attention to baby. Because that is happy and I know that Dex would have hated being in a house with a little newborn, it gives me a comforting feeling. But oh my goodness, where is baby? I am not overdue yet and know I shouldn't be so impatient. But on Friday the doctor said she'd be "shocked" if I made it through the weekend, and here we are on Wednesday. As the days go by I hope baby will arrive to help me snap out of feeling sort of blah.

In other baby progression attempts, my friend Laurie swore that cinnamon stick tea helped her induce labor. So at 6:00 am today, I was downstairs boiling water and mixing in cinnamon sticks. By the time I got to work, I had finished a huge mug and was hoping for the best. But so far, nothing. Nada. The doctors shouldn't tell you that you are going to go early if you are not... it is very frustrating.

(Mine did not look this pretty and I had to add brown sugar to stomach it)
 The other thing keeping me afloat is my super positive husband. He gave me a great birthday and Valentine's day and even brought home spicy pad thai, when I mentioned that spicy food might help. Ohhh and also- waiting for me- is a bag of 6 of my favorite wines for post baby. Yay! He also assures me daily Dexter will find a new home, that our baby is just waiting until she's ready, and that we will have a lot of happy times coming up in the near future.

So for now, I daydream about baby and also about summer. Maybe it's a mid winter funk. By June we will have a cute little baby, be spending some weekends in Rehoboth, and all will be well.

Wish us luck!


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