February 9, 2012

Ring redo take 2

Okay, so the reason the Target ring was $9 was because it was worth $4. Within two weeks, it started to tarnish. I could deal with that. Then it started to turn my finger green, juuuust a little. Fine. But this week it started to creep up my hand and turn my entire finger a weird shade of greenish blue.... not okay.

I went back to the drawing board.

I decided to wear my grandma's anniversary diamond ring she gifted me a few years ago. Now, I admit, it is a bit tight but as long as I take it off at the end of my work day, I am okay. And I remembered the first ring Jamie ever gave me. A green amethyst white gold ring with teeny diamonds on it. This ring was what made me fall in love with the concept of a cushion cut stone.

I sort of love this combo. Regular gold and white gold mixed with diamonds and green. Sigh, don't you love jewelry?

PS The stray cat came back this morning and sent our cats into a tizzy again. Jamie then effectively poured half a jar of our small cayenne pepper outside before work. We will see what happens....


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