January 13, 2013

Bachelor Rankings for Public Viewing

My friend Jen and I are o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with the Bachelor. I know it's cheesy and corny and probably provoked by the producers. I know the relationships don't last. But I'm glued to the drunk single ladies wooing one man and I can't help but get the chills during every proposal (which may be due to the 4 carat rings and not the romance, but I digress).

Anyway, we ranked the women after night one. We may not be even close to guessing them but here are our general thoughts of where the ladies will fall and who will be in it for the long haul. I have to say I'm more confident about the top and bottom than the middle 10 or so...

**Editors note: The top 5, highlighted in pink, are just that for now- the top 5; we don't have a "winner" picked. I'm including pics of the top 5 because ummm week one who knows their names? Not even me without a cheat sheet.

Desiree (down to earth, first one)

Ashlee (hair stylist, organizer but gorgeous)

Catherine (exotic looking, pantene pro v hair)

Amanda (cute outfit in the photos, silent awkward moment with Sean)

Lindsay (wore a wedding dress to entrance)

Lesley (lives in DC, youngish, political consultant)
Tierra (frou frou dog and weird BUT GOT FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE)
Kacie B (from ben's season)
Taryn (short blue dress, blonde)
Sarah (born with one arm missing, loves her job)
Diana (salon owner, has 2 kids)
Robyn (fell walking in, gymnastics in her apt)
Jackie (kiss with lipstick on the cheek)
Lacey (grad student, blah personality but he thinks she's pretty)
Selma (people are saying she looks like Ashley Greene from twilight)
Kristy (model. blah i usually hate the "models")
Daniella (blah, blonde/pretty NGB)
Leslie (man voice, told Sean handsome, gold dress)
Katie (very frizzy hair, yoga teacher)
Brooke (in first episode looked like black marilyn monroe)

In parentheses are how we are remembering these girls.They are really random things. We moved Tierra up after we saw her in so many of the previews. We don't actually think she's a good match.

Thank goodness I got this posted before tomorrow night rolls around and the next episode happens. The blog wasn't letting me post photos for a few days. Crisis averted ;) 

Happy reality tv-ing!


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