January 22, 2013


Oh Sienna. We missed the 10 month post I think. We are so busy lately, I don't know how to keep up. Between 10 months (Dec 20) and 11 months, we've celebrated Christmas, mommy and daddy had a stomach flu, celebrated New Year's, and have been on the move constantly!!

The big developmental updates are important (you started to stand and cruise on your own, you are pushing walking toys, you are "talking" up a storm), but the small ones are even better. You continue to be the sweetest little munchkin we know. You are a loud screaching screamer at dinner when I don't get your food to you fast enough. You are a thoughtful little one. You study toys before you make your move. You effortlessly pick up new tasks. You are kind, I can already tell. You crawl to me or daddy for hugs and kisses if you are sleepy or just need some love. You're an explorer. An animal lover- cats, dogs, horses.

You smile for the camera, on command. Yes, you oversmile and squint and face your head up in the air but it's hilarious. You loooove bath time. The other night we tried to skip bath and you crawled right into the bathroom, stood up at the tub, and tried to climb in on your own. We laughed, and then gave in. You splashed up a storm and were tired out for bed time.

Oh! Bed time. So between six and ten months your sleep was really sporadic. Sometimes you were up at 6 am with no wake ups, sometimes 4:30 am screaming. It was hard to get you on track. Especially because your mama kept giving in if you woke at 5 ("I'll just nurse quickly to get 2 more hours of sleep in!"). But sometime between the 10 and 11 month mark your quality of sleep changed. No more random wake ups. No more whining at night. Just straight 11-13 hours and a smile in the morning.  It's a huge success for all of us.

We are starting to see signs of baby fade and toddler emerrge. You whine when you want something, and reach to things to show us you want it. You actively go exploring. You seek out other babie! Your days of snoozing after nursing are few and far between, but occasionally on the weekends you still take cuddly naps with me on the couch and I live for those moments.

You're the best baby girl. A perfect mix of mama and dada if you ask me. We love you.


PS the blog won't let me upload photos today for some reason, so the monthly photo dump will have to come later....


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