January 25, 2013

Bachelor Rankings: Week 3

Okay we've been a little too serious around here with the bachelor blogs. There were some hilarious moments in episode three and I couldn't stop laughing.  Let's start this off by saying this: When you are on national tv, your dress should probably cover your ass and other private parts. Lesley and AshLee, I like you both. You're pretty. But I saw more of you than (self-proclaimed Christian goodie goodie) Sean will see on your fantasty suite nights.

Moving on... The breaking the guinness world record was comical to me. I couldn't watch the tv for a whole 3 minutes and 15 seconds of kissing. I just kept telling J how weird it was, and then giggling like a five year old would. And umm... if Sean doesn't choose Lesley in the end (I don't think he will) he better break that record with the winner on the After the Final Rose show or else he might be in big trouble with his fiancee.

Overall, I like Lesley. Not sure she will get to the winner's circle, but she's a solid choice.

The group date. Anyone else love Catherine's spunky attitude? Or think Des looks like someone you know but you can't figure out who or is that just me? Who does she look like? Someone help me? Katie Holmes circa Dawson's Creek years is the only person I can think of but it's not quite right.

Kristy, Kristy, Kristy, you cried over losing a volleyball game- but I guess rightfully so since you ended up going home anyway. Also your bun on the top of your head later on was the biggest thing ever. Were you hiding a dead animal in there?

Kacie was going home from the moment she started talking about drama. And while she was edited to say that she was going to use it in her favor, she's no dummy. I actualy think she may have wanted to go home. But watching her and Sean converse during those moments was like watching a delusional person tell their paranoid stories. So confusing. Also can we talk about Kacie's matching dress and (lime green) hair tie at the rose ceremony? WHAT was she thinking? Nice body, Kacie but bad combo.

Ummm I don't even remember who got a rose at the group date. Couldn't have been that impressed by it. Oops.

AshLee's date to me was a total mix. I think AshLee and Sean had more "fun" than we saw because who doesn't have fun on an amusement park date? But her dress... the short dress high heels were killing me. I do have to say that Sean and the Bachelor show get an A for doing something for others- but if they really cared about those girls vs caring about the ratings/viewers they would have done that behind the scenes. While it was awesome, I can't imagine those girls want their lives displayed on TV. Also I think Sean is enamored with AshLee (she's quite pretty) but not positive how great of a spark they have yet. Her story is sad and I am glad she has a positive outlook, but I could also see the whole background scaring Sean off a bit. Just being honest. I'm getting to serious agian. let's talk about Tierra's earrings instead. 

Tierra, your damn earrings. FOR REAL. Could you have at least gone with current trends instead of plastic cheapy chandelier style if you were going to buy all your jewelry for the show at Claire's?

Rose ceremony was straight up drama and girls pulling Sean all over. Word on the street (aka the bachelor alum blogs) is that those rose ceremonies can last allll night until 2am or 4 am, so they have way more time than we see on TV. Makes sense. Not surprised he sent home Kacie... or Taryn or Kristy. Maybe he was afraid Kristy's hair was going to fall on him and crush him.

And that's it for this week. I can't wait for next week. Also do you know that in two weeks Bachelor is on Monday AND Tuesday?

Updated Ranking: 
Leslie H.

PS this is the last week my top 5 will just be my "top 5". After next week's episode (assuming they all are still present) I will actually rank them.

PPS My friend Jen and I combined our two rankings together to get the final outcome; we each had a few girls in a few different places originally.


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