July 6, 2011

Bermuda was Quite Nice.

Everywhere we went in Bermuda, the natives spoke in a half British half Caribbean accent and told us that things were "quite nice". The weather was quite nice, the island was quite nice, the rockfish was quite nice. So now when people ask J how vacation was, he says it was quite nice. And it really was.

The flight to Bermuda is SO easy. 1 hour, 47 minutes. Customs is a breeze. And soon we were in a cab jetting off to our hotel. We stayed at the Fairmont Princess in Hamilton. The hotel was gorgeous and is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Bermuda. When we went to check in we got a fantastic surprise. SOMEHOW (J gave me side eye and thought I upgraded us, I did not!) we got put into the "Fairmont Gold Club" and were told we could check in with our private concierge. Ooookay, why not. Basically being gold members meant there was a huge lounge with books and internet and dvds we could hang out in. Also, it meant free breakfast every day, tea time from 2-4 every day with snacks and free drinks, and appetizers from 5-7 every day. All free. Sure, why not?! It was actually great because we could grab breakfast in the morning and then weren't starving for lunch time.  Thanks Fairmont, you won our heart with this move.

We spent some time at Elbow Beach the first day. And we asked our cab driver on the way back what the local fare is in Bermuda. He said rockfish and fish chowder... and J ate them like every dayyy.
It was good, I admit. But every day? I could pass on it a few times. And I did. In fact, I ate chicken fingers and french fries one night. Reaaaaaal Bermudian. Whatevs, I was on vacation and my norm (though I would love if this were the case) is not chicken fingers and fries. So I splurged.

So the Fairmont Princess we stayed at in Hamilton has a ferry that runs from our hotel to the Fairmont Southampton across the island. So we boarded at 10 am on day #2 and spent the day on their beach.

 Bermuda beaches are seriously the most beautiful I've ever seen. Because the water is SO BLUE and so clear you can see to the bottom. Oh, which totally freaked me out when an entire SCHOOL of fish were surrounding me. I kept flailing in the water, just like you are not supposed to do when animals are near you. I was told in Hawaii my rings may attract fish. So then I was swimming with my hand out of the water like an idiot. The fish loved me though and I had to eventually escape them. But they were really pretty when I finally calmed down. I should not be such a spaz sometimes. The Southampton was great and we were happy with our choice of Fairmont Hotels. They had great service and smiles and told us things were indeed... quite nice.

And a happy treat on our vacation was that Laurie and Joe were in Bermuda too! We met up on Friday for an ice cream date. Laurie and Joe were on babymoon preparing for the littlest Steffa to arrive in September! Laurie looks amazing... they are going to be great parents! Loved seeing you two on vacation!

Anddd since we know J cannot sit still for more than like, 7 minutes on the beach, we took an adventure to go see the Crystal Caves one day. It is this underground water cave. The water is so clear you can see up to 150 feet into the water. And our guide was awesome and told us about how two kids found this cave by accident when their cricket ball went into a sink hole. I was impressed. J likes learning. Two thumbs up, and only a morning activity so still had the afternoon to relax in the sun!

We also did some perusing in the town of Hamilton and eating at different restaurants. All of which were great. I don't think we had a single serving of food that wasn't great our entire trip.
Oh, and while the weather predicted POURING rain the entire time, it held out for most of our trip. It did rain really hard one night, so we opted to eat in the (really nice) hotel restaurant. Despite our waitress having a mix of ADHD and overwhelmedness, dinner was still a favorite- including J's flaming dessert!

Anddd guess what ELSE happened in Bermuda? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMIE DAY!!! We spent J's birthday morning totally relaxing and slept in. We had breakfast in the ever friendly Gold room, and then took our time getting down to the pool. Such a great day.

Sunday night we made our way into town for J's birthday dinner. The town of Hamilton is really pretty.

J's birthday dinner was at Port O Call  courtesy of my fantastic parents who called the restaurant and got us a gift certificate for birthday present. They are so thoughtful. Quite Nice!

Oh, by the way dad, they had your middle initial as a C. Bizarre, right? Maybe they were throwing in the Coppa name for good measure? 

Happy Happy Birthday to the best husband I could ask for. You make a life changing partner and the best travel companion I can imagine. So excited we got to spend your birthday vacationing together.

Of course we had to get some more sun time in on our last day before shoving off...

In conclusion, go to Bermuda with your husband, eat a lot of food, celebrate happiness and birthdays, and take it all in. Oh, and meeting up with some friends doesn't hurt either. Happy Vacationing, Happy 4th of July America (even though Bermuda DOES have fireworks- and they call themselves British?!), and Happy Birthday Jamie!


  1. Ah, I totally just teared up reading The paragraph of you wishing your hubby happy bday. I love love and marriage and happy lives:) Three cheers to that.

  2. Thanks Sarah! It certainly is a happy life :)


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