July 20, 2011

Unmatching Socks and why doesn't something EXIST TO FIX THIS?!?!?

Why do I always have a pile of socks left when I am done folding laundry? Why is it that we can renovate entire kitchens, re-tile walls, and redo furniture, but we cannot possible match socks?

I admit, one of the issues is that we are ALWAYS behind in laundry. I blame this on our busy summer schedule, weddings, beach weekends, and the long commute that leaves me too tired to do like 8 loads of laundry per week. No, I don't know how two people create such a large amount of dirty clothes. I blame soccer games, evenings that are too hot for work clothes, working out, and night events on the weekends. These all mean multiple outfits per day. And our pile of laundry in our basement sometimes rivals probably is higher than Mt. Rushmore. Despite our efforts, this happens.

And do you know where our socks are? In the mountain somewhere. So true, maybe sometimes they get put in different loads of wash. But I swear, even when I wash a new pack of 8 pairs of socks, I'm missing one or two. Or maybe one is stuck to a shirt, gets folded, and never is seen again (until said shirt gets washed and I can't find the damn match to the sock!) What am I supposed to do?!

I want the socks in my loads of laundry to look like this:
Not asking for perfection, it's cool if they all don't fold evenly, like in the picture above. But count those bad boys--- 38 PAIRS OF SOCKS. Why don't I have 38 pairs of nicely matched socks?

Anyway.... someone invent something. Like a one of a kind magnet or something of the sort that attracts only the pair to each other? Anyone? I know there are some things that exist, but nothing as high tech as I want that would actually be worth it.

To all the husbands of the world, if you invent this, your wife will be happy and you'll be rich. Not a bad day.


  1. http://mobile.usablenet.com/mt/www.containerstore.com/shop?productId=10020984&N=&Ntt=Sock+cop

    It's called the sock cop and it could rock your world! Haha

  2. oh g little thanks- i know these exist. but i am talking something to keep them together from the time they come off the feet. half the battle is finding the match to even put them in the laundry! i want like some high tech magnetic device!! haha

  3. My dad used to pin them together with safety pins the second that I took them off, so they'd never separate until I put them back on feet.


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