July 11, 2011

You need to have a FRIENDS party and a FAMILY party

That's what our nephew told us when it was J's bday. But we were off in Bermuda celebrating. So this weekend, when we were back in town, we threw a big huge birthday party small family bbq complete with birthday hats, cupcakes, and balloons. Keller said we had to. I agreed. Because umm who would ever pass up the chance to bake funfetti cupcakes and not feel guilty about eating them? Didn't your best friend/mom/random woman in the dessert section of the grocery store ever tell you calories don't count on your birthday? So I extended that to J's birthday.

So we had some food, some fun, and some balloon animals. But you know what you can never be toooootally read for? When your 4 year old sometimes smarter than you nephew requests a football helmet "balloon animal".  You know what's even better? When your sweet hubby decides, sure, why not... if it's a football helmet you want, it's one you will get (soooort of).

Points for good sportsmanship. I think I cut said football helmet in half after the party so the crazy demon cats didn't eat it. Oh were you wondering about those furballs? They're doing well and not fighting right this moment. Oh also we got "pill pockets"- treats- to put their meds in, which my glil (sounds like a rapper but is just my college sorority fam member) suggested in the beginning. I denied, but they dooo work. Most of the time. Until Dex regurgitates a small amount of the treat back up including the meds. I digress.

You know who else came to the very exciting birthday party? My favorite pretty little lady niece with her eyes big and blue as per the usual.

She gets an A for sportsmanship, too. Because she wore a birthday hat. What 9 month old does that? Also, she is standing on her own. Impressive Hazel, verrrry impressive. Hazel also loves J right now, which I love and think is the cuuuutest thing since sliced bread. Wait, that's not the cutest. But I don't know what is the cutest. This is.

J also had a birthday cake cupcakes that I sort of overbaked. Oh well, they were delicious anyway. Keller helped him blow out the candles with the balloon blower upper (no idea what real name would be).

I love this photo and how happy Keller is. Notice all the random happy birthday streamers in the background. Speaking of background, this kitchen needs to be painted. I hate the green on top now that our kitchen is refinished. I am thinking of a slate blue/grey color for the bottom half actually and white on the top- but we will see. I learned on HGTV color on the bottom half = bigger looking room. Thanks HGTV for the tip.

We also celebrated with my parents and had a cake on Friday night. So much family time in one weekend! But we'll take it because the rest of the weekend was relaxy and full of naps and movies- totally up my alley.
oh look, our cat who loves cake wanted to be in the picture. and look! no hissing. no biting. love city.

So happy birthday AGAIN J, and happy family party. I hope that you had your friend party at work, because I don't think I am throwing you one of those.

Cheers to Balloon Animals & Child level birthday excitement! xo


  1. I think jamie's party with Keller can count double. Friend and family. Since k tells me that Jamie and he are "best buddies." He also told me that we have to come visit again soon so we can bring Jamie his swords! I know Jamie is missing them so.....

    Love ur hazel pics...she is quite the doll isn't she? :)


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