July 26, 2011

A post a week.... I'm SLOW lately. Anyone wanna chat about the DE state Fair? I thought so.

On Friday we had to unfortunately go to a funeral for J's family member. But, it was more of a celebration of life than a sad mourning-filled day. And his wonderful wife had this great idea for everyone to share stories and memories. We laughed and learned a lot about J's dad and his cousins growing up. J's sister says she wants people to wear hot pink at her funeral. I say I want mac n cheese served at mine. To each his own (Teach his own, Em).

So we're getting ready to leave and my wonderful chef of a brother-in-law who finally has a Friday night off has a BRILLIANT plan. We should go to the Delaware State Fair. In 99 degree weather. On a Friday night. The first weekend it's open. I have flashes of fear of hot, crowded... and worst of all... slower lower down staters from the farms moving in their slower (slow) lower fashion. Umm no. I said no. Did you not hear me, Nino? Did you not hear me, J? Well I said no about 5 times and was quickly outvoted outwhined by J and our nephew Keller who kept saying how FUN it would be.

I went to the Delaware State Fair. I didn't want to. But I went. It was indeed 99 degrees. And when J said I'd be the best dressed one there in a $12 sundress I bought at TJ Maxx, it was no lie. I was not only best dressed, I was the only one in a real life outfit. Even seriously fashionable Emily downgraded her clothes form a cute sundress to cut offs and a t-shirt. Okay, let's talk about wardrobes of people not in my family. The actual disaster wardrobes. When did 12 year old girls grow boobs and moreover, be allowed OUT OF THEIR HOUSES with said boobs exposed?! My dad would have chained me to the wall if I attempted that. Chained me to the wall, cemented my feet in the ground, and fed me under my door. I don't think this is even an exaggeration. They also wore shorts short enough to see their butts. Umm inappropriate? That was just the teenagers. There were wifebeaters, and cowboy boots. There were half dressed little kids. In the words of my dear dear SIL, "The State fair gives Walmart a run for its money...."

Okay so fine, this is NOT the best dressed contest of the world. And it's not the best manners contest either. It is certainly not the most high class event you've ever been to. BUT if you want fried food, here it is. Nino lured me into the fair with the promise of fried mac n cheese. Guess who had no self control and couldn't even wait to find that booth? Guess who instead about 10 minutes into our adventure ate an entire thing of cheese fries and licked her fingers? Yep, that's me. There was fried chicken on a stick, fried oreos, fried hot dogs. You name it, there it was. And ohhh the lemonade. Fresh squeezed. Frozen. SO GOOD.

You know what a fair is good for? There is only one good answer for that. A four-year-old. Keller LOVED the fair. He smiled he laughed he squealed. It was fun to watch him. ALMOST made it worth being outside in 99 degree weather for a few more hours.
Oh, wait, also young at heart dads and uncles also like rides. And running around. And fried food. So they like fairs too.
K was SUPER brave and did an entire obstacle course thing on his own. Best part? The slide was so humid at the end he kept getting stuck and then scooting himself down on his own. Poor little guy.
And as if we needed anything further to end this post.... "Sponge Bob says HAVE FUN at the FAIR!"

I'm a Delaware resident now. This is my life. God help me. Thank god we've got Rehoboth, Thrasher's, and no sales tax at my local Nordstroms to make up for this.

ps I MAY have maybe had a little fun. MAYBE. shhh don't tell.


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