July 27, 2011

Why you've seen no renovation or project pictures lately

We've been on hiatus. But in the spirit of starting this blog because of house-related projects and keeping track, let's have a little chat about the projects I've got in the back of my mind. And for fun, let's list them by room. And by fun, I mean so I can check them off and/or cross them off after they are done and feel happy inside. So don't worry, despite feeling like things look like a house, there's TONS to do.

Front Porch 
Replace railing with white new railing

Backsplash (did I ever mention the counter installation was messed up a bit and we can't move our stove, so this is sort of a difficult project)
Toe kicks (the part under the cabinets)
Paint the eating area a slate blue color (on bottom, white on top)
Hang either shelves or pictures in said eating area (think YHL shelves in their old house).
New kitchen table (either build (J not me) or buy)
Install big sliding glass door to open to deck.

Family Room 
Get a NEW DYSON (oh sorry had to throw that in there)
Decide if we are ever going to put up curtains
Put up curtains mayyyybe
Eventually get a new oversized rug (maybe light yellow or slate blue to match kitchen)

New railing

Upstairs Hallway
Finish Trim
Purchase & refinish console table to go under wedding photo in entry area

Bathroom Upstairs 
Finish trim
Put door on closet

Guest Room
Large photo frames for wall decor
Runner or small carpet

Master Bedroom
Make headboard for our bed (my newly DIY-er friend Kelly just gave me some cool ideas today- going to see how her projects go first and then decide on ours)
Grey printed pattern curtains (Make or Buy- anyone have any suggestions??)
Hang J's belt and tie hooks

Finish trim (seriously, what the hell? why do we neverrrr finish trim??)
Maybe eventually board and batten
Refinish cabinet from kitchen, wallpaper the backing, turn into bookshelf/storage area. 

Back Deck
Water stain
Set up patio furniture (which we already own)

Hmmm the list is never- ending and of course is always puncuated with me needing to "decorate" whatever I come across. But here it is. Hopefully I'll be slowly but surely bringing you the progress. I need to pick up my pace here with trying to get things done! Summer has been so busy. We are off to NY for my wonderful friend Jen's wedding this weekend! I guess these will just have to wait some more....

Happy DIY-ing! xo


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