July 18, 2011

Roma Summer Reunion

When I had dinner with my Roma ladies back in the Spring, we agreed we should do it more often. Of course, with seven of us, this is never an easy feat. We have to chase after each other via facebook, gmail, phone calls. We planned for a Sunday mid-afternoon get together at Regina's. Well, Regina had a baby shower to attend. Then we switched it to my house. Regina would come after her shower. Then they dropped like flies... work, weddings, etc, kept us from having a full seven people. Optimistically, I set the table for six juuust in case. It ended up being four of us (plus Bridgett's perfect baby), and my wonderful hubs who grilled our food for us. Still, worth it. We will book for our Fall Reunion even sooner.

And let's be honest... I love a chance to use my pretty fiesta ware from my registry, a good table runner (Pier1 is my fav for that stuff), and some stemware. On quick notice, I came up with this:

I also stole a little trick- but not as pretty- from Shannanigans and put some chips in cups, and set up some appetizers on our tall table in the family room.
Mmm that's cheese in the forefront. Who doesn't love some good cheese? Especially when you are reuniting with girls you went to Rome with... where you lived on cheese. And fruit, sometimes fruit. But a lot of cheese.

Oh let's discuss Bridgett's perfect baby. HE DOESN'T CRY. Well, he does, he did once. Once. When he managed to roll over and bang his head into the floor. But other than that, nope. And do you know what else this kid does? Magic tricks. He naps anywhere! Like on my couch while his mommy ate.
Danny is the cuuuuutest little guy and so sweet. I told Bridg that I am going to steal him because a baby that well behaved and happy is a dream.
He decided Jess' hand (with icing on it) tasted great. So yum yum yum.

We ate, we drank, we talked about vacuum cleaners (we are old) and men (things don't change that much) and our next reunion. These girls represent one of the best summers of my life. So glad to have them.
Roma Foreverrrr xo


  1. YOUR TABLESCAPE=amazing. Taking notes from you, Mrs. Walls!

  2. why thank you! that table runner was one of the first "home" things i bought way back in the day :)

  3. love the post! can't wait for october!!!


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