June 9, 2011

Bacon Brownies, Shiny Shoes, and Cat Prozac #3

You didn't know you signed up to read the writings of a crazy person did you? Chocolate and pork products, footwear, and cat drugs don't all seem to go together. But none the less, here we go.

Let's start with bacon brownies. We love Salt Air. Sure, I'm partial because my very very talented brother-in-law is the head chef, and my could not be nicer or prettier sister-in-law lends her hand... or both hands. They are super busy in the summer. Anyway, I find myself at Salt Air late night almost every summer evening we are in Rehoboth. Can't help it. If we are going to sip on a big glass of sauv blanc, might as well hang out in our favorite atmosphere while we're at it. And if the chef HAPPENS to offer you a BACON BROWNIE at 1:30 in the morning, do you ever say no? Of course not. You say "GIVE ME THE WHOLE PAN!" "sure, I'll try a small piece." And your "small piece", because Nino has to present his food perfectly, even to his family, looks like this:

And when you devour it, you look like this:
After you eat this, but before you go to sleep, you feel really happy.

And then when you wake up in the morning, after having one too many glasses of sauv blanc and a big bacon brownie at 1:30 am you feel like this:
Except, less good. Because Bradley Cooper is not involved in my version. Anywho, as long as it's not 1:30 ams, head over to Salt Air and try their desserts. I promise they will not disappoint.

So after our weekend in Rehoboth and my love/hate relationship with the bacon chocolate, I came across a few other things I have a love/hate relationship with. Okay, well no, I have a DEEP LOVING relationship with and J hates the credit card bill that follows. SHOES. My wedding shoes were fantastic. Gorgeous and pretty expensive, but white. And mayyybe I'll wear them again (or dye them black), but I know two girls who are getting married and both chose and recently showed me their sparkly shoes. BRILLIANT I tell you, BRILLIANT. Because you know damn well I'd wear sparkly shoes day or night, anytime anywhere. Why didn't IIIIIII think of this? Anyway, let's lay our eyes on some of the choices that are out there. If I had my heaven, I'd be eating the chocolate bacon brownie while WEARING sparkly shoes. And no, I wouldn't want to take cat prozac. That part of the post doesn't incorporate well, but I know you all love my cats.

We've got these amazing ladies from Kate Spade:
I KNOW. Gorgeous right? Over the top, but gorgeous.
The pink heel steels my heart. Don't worry, J, these are not on my shopping list. I am just featuring them on my blog for all the other shoe lovers out there!

Jimmy Choo doesn't do so bad either:
Okay I know these next ones are sort of ridiculous, they remind me of a tap recital, but none the less... I enjoy them.
Holy Sparkle. Do you know what these would be good for? Throwing at your cat when they don't adhere to their prozac regiment. You got it, we are back to the cats. Sunday night I gave them both their pills (since we were not home on Sunday morning). It went okay, I got some growling, but okay.

The next day? What do we find? PROZAC IN THE FOOD BOWLS. These dumb animals somehow outsmarted me. Are cats like cows? Do they regurgitate food? Who knows. So far, after a few weeks, they seem a little more lethargic, but also a little less loving. I think I took away their personalities. Poor little buddies crazy cat animals.

Do you love bacon? or cats? or SPARKLY shoes? I bet you do.

This weekend is full of marital bliss happenings in our neck of the woods. Wedding shower on Saturday early afternoon, wedding Saturday later afternoon into evening. Then mayyyyybe a day at the beach on Sunday to recover from it all. Happy Weekend!


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