June 7, 2011

J + K 's Day of Fun

On Saturday we spent the day in Rehoboth with our fav little guy, our nephew Keller. Beach, bumper cars, pizza, ice cream. You could say he had quite the spoiled day with Uncle Jamie and Aunt Meghan. Thank goodness his dad fed us some late night beer & wine at Salt Air later on to help us relax after a long day! These two are peas in a pod. And they crack me up. We started day the day with digging holes in the sand "as deep as the ocean" according to Keller. Hey J, don't teach your nephew to PEE IN HIS OWN LITTLE OCEAN because then other people have to step in it. Gross.

So J did what Keller asked... he dug a hole down to the ocean. And it was way taller than Keller. He even needed help getting in and out of the hole. J= good uncle. Me = good photographer.

The funny thing about 4 year olds is that they don't care if the ocean is negative 51 degrees.

Oh, by the way, that kick in the bottom picture is called "front side air". Quite the little surfer/skater dude.

We had to of course take a break from beaching and hole digging, and have some pizza. Now, if you remember, we went to Rehoboth back in February and talked about howNicola Pizza has our hearts. But, when you have a 4 year old saying he is SUPER hungry and SUPER thirsty, you go to what J calls "ASAP PIZZA" aka Grotto Pizza, the first place you hit on the boardwalk. I think it was because J had to carry Keller because his legs were so tired, he could tell because he was yawning. Umm this picture? I LOVE.

The best part was when Keller said "you gotta hold my hiney I can't hold on" haha. He is so lucky that J follows directions well. We did eventually make it to get pizza.  I actually don't love Grotto's, but it sufficed. These two are peas in a pod.

After Grottos, we of COURSE had to go to FUNLAND. I once worked at a summer camp and we had carnival days that counselors used to call Carnihell. Funland? Borderline carnihell. But less crazy. And super cheap. Sign me up.

This was Keller's first time on the SUPER FAST cars too. He told us.  A lot. And like the softies we are, after funland, we promised some ice cream. Kohr Bros is so good, so it wasn't that much of a stretch. Oh look! I show up in pictures. But, surprise, surprise, it's with food.
Mmm chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and vanilla with orange sherbert. DELICIOUS. So delicious. Yum. After this, J and Keller needed a nap and I would be willing to bet J needed it more than Keller did.

I think about 4 family members asked us if we are practicing. Last time I checked, when you have a baby they don't pop out as a hyper 4 year old imaginative (and really smart) boy. Good thing, we were exhausted. But these two are the best, and I'd take another J + K day anytime.

PS YAY Beach Season and Rehoboth summer!!


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