June 1, 2011

This thing can vacuum up a HORSE.

Fine, not a horse. But close.
Meet Keane. He is A BABY PUPPY and he weighs one hundred and forty freaking pounds. Yes, 140! And he is not even close to full grown. This pup (no pun intended) will weigh around 170 in a few more months. Holy crap. This horse of a dog also comes up to chest. He is HUGE.
Meet Liz. Liz owns Keane. Though I think she's silly to think she owns that dog, he owns her clearly. He weighs more than her, can get her to talk in a silly voice, and makes her do crazy things like wake up at 6am on a Saturday before she owns small children. See? He owns her.

Meet Liz's house.  Okay fine, I don't have a picture. But it is immaculately clean. I thought for sure she either walked around with this all day:
Or that she hired one of these to clean SEVEN times a DAY:
But, no, Liz's secret is this (or something similar. I don't know what model she has)
Dyson Pet Vacuum. If this thing can somehow hide the fact that Liz owns a pet pony, it can MOST CERTAINLY scoop up the cat hair I despite that is all over my house. I also sort of love to vacuum but get so pissed when the little hairs and kitty litter don't come up off the floor.


Do you think I need this? I bet you do.

Tell my husband. (J- that is a not so subtle hint).

I have now been told by 3 people on facebook and 1,819 people on the interwebs that it is worth the $600.  This review with the pictures included has sold me completely. Like 150%. I am saving every penny so I can buy this. Ugh, no I'm not. I just bought $37 beige heels because I really wanted them. Now I have to save $637 so I can pay off those shoes first. I'm so impulsive. Oh hey, I just re-read that review. Someone got it with their Citi credit card points. Do we have credit card points? Maybe we do. Maybe I can get this vacuum but I don't think I can transfer plane flight credits to vacuum credits.

Which leads me ONE MORE THING. Don't have your kids in February. It's too close to Christmas. Then when it's June AND THEY WANT A NEW VACUUM, they have SIX WHOLE MONTHS to wait until they have a holiday to ask for it, and then they will be sad. Thanks mom and dad, way to go, now I can't have my vacuum because you conceived me in the wrong month. Maybe as a make up present for this misdemeanor you want to buy me a new vacuum??

Dreaming of Clean Floors and Anti Cat Hair,


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