May 31, 2011

Just like my mom?!

Yep, I am sometimes just like my mom. I think that one day the kids will want to come play at my house. Why you ask? Because every day is a holiday at our house. Some mornings, I wake up in a good mood and decide to make breakfast more fun than usual. I make nametags for our plates and whip up a batch of banana bread just because. I'm no super-woman, and sometimes I find it hard to balance my job, my life, and eating all the delicious food I want. But a 3 day weekend? Umm yes, sign me up for cooking breakfast and setting a cute table while I'm at it. And if you asked my mom if this is right up her alley, she will say yes. Then she will show you her extensive collection of decor for holidays (even minor ones) and tell you that you should send your kids Cheryl's cookies for every holiday (even minor ones) to make them smile.

On Monday, I let J sleep in because well, he was sleeping... and that never happens. His usual bright and early wake up time is 7am. At 8:30 he was still in bed and I got to work. I decided that since we had no plans to go to a parade, or a BBQ, or even do anything patriotic, I'd set the table in a fun Memorial Day decor. Little did I know that my hubby would be dressed in red, white, and blue fashion to match (he claims this was not purposeful).

I set the table with a few standby materials I had. I grabbed the blue & white striped pillows from the couches, whipped out my fiesta ware blue plates from my shower gifts, and some chargers from pottery barn. I also took some red craft paper and wrapped a cutting board in it to add some red- then the red candles are actually citronella candles from the deck, and the blue & white striped vase was my good old target buy that usually sits on a shelf in the kitchen. Oh and I put little red flags (just craft paper & toothpicks) in our banana bread (this time I actually used EGGS to bake-brilliant).  Oh, PS, if you have rotten bananas (seen below) use them in your bread instead of oil. So much healthier and just as good, if not better.

So good. J gave this one a 10/10. Then again, he gave the no eggs dry as hell bread 7/10, so I'm not sure how much we can put into his rating. Back to my table.

I love this vase from target, it is so versatile. I just keep throwing it in different places in the house. Memorial day is easy. Halloween would be harder. But I've got blue and white all over my house and red accents are not hard to create.

Yum mimosas and coffee to go with the table settings and the meal. And the sunlight was streaming in. And J is wearing a red and white shirt and blue shorts, though you can't tell with that not so good lighting.
Delicious Memorial Day breakfast (oh btw those are Morning star farm sausage- aka veggie sausages- and I tried to eat regular sausage about a month ago and almost puked. I hightly prefer these).

After a fantastic day of work & relaxing with the hubs, we opted to leave the house and head out to dinner near the riverfront. The upside of living in this town is that everyone heads to the beach on the weekends and it's empty at the restaurants. In keeping with the spirit of Memorial Day, we ended the day with some more red, white, and blue.
Okay, mostly red. But I had white wine, that counts right? And we ate on the riverfront, with (murky greyish) blue water, so that ALSO counts. Maybe. What says start of summer more than a seafood platter with a bright red lobster and some amazing shrimp with cocktail sauce? Oh yes, a glass of Sauv Blanc. PERFECTION.

Happy Summer Days!


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