June 13, 2011

Wedding Season is BACK.... and Trashers fries come as a side dish.

This weekend marked the beginning of the wedding season (again). Technically, I had three wedding events, but unfortunately I had to forgo the bachelorette party of my friend Jen in Avalon to get to the other two events (I'm in one wedding and the other was the wedding of the person who juuuust so happened to introduce me to Jamie. Best introduction of all time).  Jen had a fantastic time though, as I can see via stalking her fb pics.

I headed to Yardley on Friday evening after work and hit my head against my steering wheel 100,000 times in traffic used my time to catch up with friends on the phone. My mom nearly passed out when I accidentally brought the EMPTY case of our wedding video to their house. Ooooops. It was nice to spend some time in Yardley, and we'll be returning there next weekend. Saturday was Lindsay's bridal shower in Newtown. We did a few fun activities. Laurie & Jess created a box with a ton of different cards that went inside. The concept is that you have everyone at the shower write a different card (first home cooked meal, 1st anniversary, when you find out you're expecting) to the bride for that time in her life. Then she opens them in the future on those days. I personally loved the "On a day you want to strangle Dave" one....
We also did an activity that I need to give my friend Liz credit for... she and Rachel did it at my shower. You basically put cleaning products into a poem... You know, such as "when you are with Dave be sure to CARESS and CUDDLE" If you want the whole poem, you can ask me for it and I'll email it to you. But then you read it aloud and let the bride fill in the blanks of the cleaning products. Or, if you are me, thinking about the 100 things you need to do that day, you accidentally say some of them for her (sorry Lins).
I had to jet from the shower a bit early to drive to Rehoboth for the wedding, but Lins will make a beautiful bride. Cheers to the Future Mrs. Workman!
P.S. Thanks to Laurie for the pictures! After Lins' shower, I very quickly got in my car and zoooomed down to Rehoboth for Mary & Alex's wedding. Mary is Jamie's (3rd??) cousin and went to grad school with me. She also initially introduced Jamie and me, so we owe her big time. She looked gorgeous & the happiest I've ever seen her.
I love Alex's face in this photo. But what a pretty couple and happy entrance. And since we know I judge weddings for their style love the decor at weddings, I snapped a few photos of that stuff too.

Oh also you know what is hilarious? When you and your husband HAVE THE SAME NAME AS HIS GRANDPARENTS. And you pick up their name tag. Only to find out someone lovingly called you Dr. and you have a different one. Oh, and then I took a pic of my own decor. MY FAVORITE NEW SHOES. They were cheap, not all $795 like the sparklies I posted last week. But I love.
I kow, I should rotate this. But it looks funny sideways- or rightside up I should say. They are nude colored. And meshy. And they have a zipper up the back. Do you want a pair yet? I bet you do. Okay, here's one more photo of the bride & groom.
After the wedding (it was HOT in Rehoboth Saturday - and humid- and we danced a lot so we were gross) we made our way across the street to Nalu Surf Bar and had a few drinks. J's friend Regan owns all of Rehoboth has some pull at Nalu and is the nicest host ever- hooked us up at the bar and with a hotel room for the night. (Thank you!)

Sunday morning I woke up with one thing on my mind. What is that you ask? THRASHERS FRENCH FRIES SHOVE THEM ALL IN MY MOUTH. Okay, calm down, calm down. But I asked J before we even ate breakfast if we could remember to get Trashers as if I even had a remote chance of forgetting. We hit the beach for ohhh about 2 hours before my stomach started growling for Thrashers, a diet coke, and thennnnn a nap.
I wish I could have Thrasher's french fries after every wedding. Do you hear that people who are getting married this summer and fall? Bring me Thrasher's. Now. Please.

Congrats to the newlyweds-- that was the first wedding since our own. And thank you two for getting married in Rehoboth where my hunger pains were met with some of the best french fries in the world.


  1. Um, hello, I need a link to those shoes please(!!!) :)

  2. http://www.lulus.com/products/anne-michelle-ignite-30-taupe-velvet-and-mesh-platform-pumps/35305.html

    For Sarah and the rest of you wondering, I was a bad blogger and didn't give you a link. Here it is. But the shoes are almost sold out and only in certain sizes so you better hurry! xo


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