June 22, 2011

FB world doesn't understand English. Let's try Blog World.

This was what I posted on FB: "So my usual approach to research (google) is failing me and giving me varied answers. Will BBM work on Verizon in BERMUDA? Please do not answer if you are going to tell me if it depends on my network and my plan. I want a for real answer".

Let's discuss some key words here: BBM (blackberry messenger), BERMUDA, FOR REAL ANSWER. Dear God, you are all educated people. Half of you have doctorates. Fine, not half, but like some... And not a single person even came close to giving me an answer. One person (my ex boyfriend from when I was 17, Thank you Alex) gave me a semi- real answer and directed me to the correct place to READ about my answer. But I was hoping to avoid the whole reading and calling Verizon thing and skipping to asking you people on the interwebs.  Other responses talked about the Bahamas (that's not Bermuda, kids), and Grand Cayman (no dice). People talked about how much they got charged. I am not paying your phone bill and have you ever met me? If anyone charged me $150 for turning ON MY PHONE they would feel the wrath that is my assertive side calling and asking if they would like to pay my bill for me.

So here is the deal, please please please comment and let me know if you ACTUALLY know the answer to this. And yes I know I can call Verizon. Let's review the question.

This is very important. Because you know, my friend Laurie, who I really like, she is going to be in Bermuda when I am in Bermuda. And we talk on BBM like 437 times per week. So if I have BBM, I can send her smiles and sunny messages in Bermuda about things like where I am and if we can eat delicious food together. And yes, I realize I can call her hotel. Or I can use J's phone, which I am 99.9% sure works in Bermuda. And her husband's phone works too. But that's not the point.

The point is I want an answer. Someone answer me.

For example, if you have BBM and have been to Bermuda, YOU might be able to answer.

Or if you work for Verizon, maybe YOU can help me.

Or if you are a super technology bbm genius, YOU can help me.

Someone help me.

And no, I'm not just switching to the iphone.

BBM Love.


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