January 3, 2012

bachelor ben season starts!

Anyone who knows me knows I live for bad reality TV. I can't help it. Last year, when I worked 14 hour Mondays, I ran to the couch, plopped myself down, and ate dinner while I pressed play on the Bachelorette (J was the best husband ever and always had Monday dinner prepped and waiting for my couch session). BUT!!! I didn't watch the Bachelor last night because a) I was in bed too early getting ready to go back to work and b) I have to admit, I was confused and thought last night was Tuesday. Tonight while J plays soccer, I watch.Here are my takes on some of my favs first. It's only night one, so I can make mistakes in my judgements of course, but let's discuss the attractive fun crazy women who grace us with their presence on Monday evenings.

No wonder Lindzi got the first impression rose. I would have given it to her as well, I think. I like horses though, so maybe I'm biased. And her dress was quite fashionable, too. I don't know if she really has  "z" in her name, but it looks odd.  But she's pretty. I like her. I bet she will go far.

From the intros, I also liked Nicki - the divorce. She is so pretty. Wow, I keep saying people are pretty. Shallow much? But she seems "normal" as one can be on this show, which I guess isn't saying that much. To me though, she stood out from the crowd and seemed mature. That's an accomplishment.

Rachel with the 's red dress wowed me. That dress was gorgeous- like a wedding dress but in red. I also totally love that she tried to squash the drama between Jenna and Monica. But mostly I loved her dress. I am not saying she'll stay forever, but she gets my award for fav outfit.

Umm thank you Emily for rapping to Ben, and also for being an epidemiology PhD student. But, someone explain to me how she has time to be on the Bachelor while completing her PhD. Does she search proquest in the mansion during her free time for her dissertation? Please explain. Is she studying the causes and contributions to diseases spread in the mansion???

I really enjoy Kacie. She's from Tennesee and wore ashort sparkly grey dress. She just seemed nice. Nice is good for this show, and good for Ben. I also like that she wasn't trying too hard (or at least not to me). You are a favorite, Kacie.

Now let's talk about girls I didn't love. Monica. Ummm you are involved with drama and also you hitting on Blakely was just weird. Speaking of Blakely, I don't really like or dislike her. But she sort of reminds me look-wise of my sister-in-law, Sam. Jenna is also major drama. I am suuuuure the producers made Ben keep her around. Yuck. Get rid of her. Dislike that Brittney brought her grandma, despite loving mine, I just didn't love that approach.

I know that Courtney is a model and "supposed" to be pretty. And sure, she's attractive. But I don't think she's thaaaaat pretty. She also seems like she is being cast in the Michelle Money role. And I loved Michelle post season, but during that drama she was horribly annoying. I think Courtney will be the same.

What is with the whole playboy/pageant fake boobs no personality combo this season ? Shawn, Elise, Samantha, Jacqueline. And Jamie, I really liked your preview and the whole concept that you took care of your siblings. But I hate hate hateeeee your DEB dress and fake boobs hanging out of it.  I could really give them all the boot tonight (well I'll give Jamie a second chance) and see no problem with it. However, I guess they need to play to the male brain (read: boobs) for a few episodes to hook Ben in before he really gets to know these women.

I love this drama. I can't turn off my TV when it's on (well once I start watching). Who do you think will prevail on this season? Will Ben get engaged? Will we see a TV wedding?? That's all I really want out of any of these seasons....


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