January 29, 2012

Growing Mama.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane.

At 12 weeks I was SURE you could tell I was pregnant. Now I am just sure I want to be able to see my stomach and muscles like this again.

At 17 weeks, in October, I thought I was huuuuge.  (I think in reality only my ass was growing)

At 20 weeks, I kept saying I popped!  Okay, so I did pop, sort of. What really popped at this time was the nice hair! And it stuck around for the most part. Note the pink ribbon to show it's a girl!

At 24 weeks, I moved into full time maternity clothes and starting to really embrace it. Oh, and I bought this pair of pants I'm wearing in this picture which I am currently sitting here still wearing. Great buy- $15 at H&M!

At 26 + 27 weeks the holidays were rolling around and I felt more and more preg. Maybe because we were eating our normal diets x10.

Okay, and then apparently for 7 weeks I got camera shy? We somehow skipped from 27 to 34. Christmas and New Years and all that came between, so there issss photo evidence, just not with cute little white numbers to match. I was so optimistic when I thought I'd take these weekly. Fail.

At 34 weeks, random people were making comments about my pregnancy. There was no hiding it, and my doctors started talking about how I will know when I'm in labor (!!!) Also as you can see the navy blue skinny jeans from H+M are back! They also appear in the next photo.

Today we took the 36 week picture, even though we are a few days past 36 weeks. Maybe I'm biased, but I think my stomach has totally dropped! And my daily contractions tell me I'm probably right!

Less than one week until we're full term over here! I can't even believe it!


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