January 13, 2012

Ch-ch-ch changessss at 34 weeks

I thought I had escaped the whole "swelling" part of pregnancy. And for the most part, I have. But the other day at Home Depot while waiting for a nice new bucket of light yellow paint, I looked down at my pretty rings... and went to take them off... and I couldn't. I figured I ate too much salt that day, so a healthy dinner and a few days later, I decided to give it a go. Still pretty tight. Don't get me wrong, first thing in the morning and when my hands are freezing in this cold weather, those bad boys still slip on and off. But I got nervous that they would get stuck. And let's face it, no one wants an eternity band sliced off their finger with a blade instead of nicely placed in the jewelry box.

So I said goodbye to this gorgeous little number (shown here against the nice orange HD cart)

And after a quick trip to Target, for $9.99 (wow, could I always have worn a fake for $9.99? Imagine all the other presents I could have gotten with that!!) I am engagement ring-less, but fake diamond band-ed.
 To be fair, these were taken in crappy night time lighting. And inside. The other was in daylight. And it's not perfect, but it will do the trick. So thanks, Target.

In the news of BETTER changes, my hair grew like a foot and much thicker. Check it out. Sorry for the creepy blurry self iphone bathroom photos. It's all I've got tonight. It hasn't been this long since I was probably 16. I sort of love it and dread ever cutting it, but I know post baby this will fade.

Happy 34 weeks baby, thanks for the long healthy hair... and I guess I can deal with the swollen fingers too. Please excuse the messy bathroom closet. Yikes! We're working on things around here....


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